Support Groups and Services in Canberra

Canberra is home to many great support organisations for parents.  Here are some of our top picks.

Community Services and Organisations for Women in Canberra

Health and Support Organisations in Canberra – contact details, via Yellow Pages

Canberra Mothercraft Society (and the QEII Family Centre)

Life line  or you can phone them on 131 114.  They provide free, anonymous, confidential phone service for people under stress, in crisis, or with any problem, available 24/7.

ACT Health: Support groups and counselling – a great list of support services, particularly the ones towards the bottom of the page.

Child and Family Centres:  Advice and support from qualified staff.  This is a brilliant free service for families in Canberra.

ACT Health: Maternal and Child Health Nurses and Clinics – free services for mums, babies and children in Canberra.  Medical advice, child health and development checks, immunisation, mental health help, referrals to specialists and more.

ACT Mental Health for Mums   support and info for women and children and babies, on mental health

Help and Support for Parents in Canberra – links to various organisations here in Canberra.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment and Self-Help:  a resource for families and people experiencing alcohol addiction .   And the Alcoholics Anonymous webpage, of course, is a great start.

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