Resources for Children Learning German

  • German lessons for children online from the Victorian Department of Education in Australia.
  • The Bilingual Options website has lots of excellent information and support for families raising their children bilingually. It is run by Dr Dopke, a highly regarded German-speaking linguist and speech pathologist, who has a practice in Melbourne.
  • Bilingual Options publishes a free e-newsletter, called Snippets. Visit the website to subscribe.
  • The Alphabet Garten in the USA also has an inspirational e-newsletter (visit the website to subscribe). They supply books, readers, CDs and DVDs in German for children, including books for non-native speakers, parent resources, teacher resources, textbooks and workbooks.  Depending on the exchange rate, this can sometimes be a better deal than ordering from  Europe.
  • Order German kids books, CDs, DVDs, games and electronic games for kids through ebay in Germany. Remember: You might not like the idea of your kids watching DVDs or playing electronic games, but you might feel it is a bit more acceptable if they are doing this in German (thus getting an education / maintaining their German)!!
  • Download free-to-air TV in German for the kids (or yourself!) to watch.
  • Listen to CMS Radio in German.  They also have a web-stream so you can listen online.  See their website to find out when the German programs are on.  Sometimes they air Deutsche Welle, too.  Even though kids won’t necessarily be able to follow German radio, it nonetheless benefits their internalisation of the feel of the language.
  • Comprehensive website (in German) for 4-6 year olds (fluent) or older kids (non-fluent), called Schlaumaeuse.
  • The Enchanted Learning website, a cheap source of excellent printable teaching materials in French, Italian and German for English speakers.
  • Get a German aupair. You can even get one with experience, culture and endless traditional stories through an innovative program called Granny Aupair.
  • Join the ACT Bilingual Education Alliance, and learn more about bilingualism in the ACT, and help lobby the ACT government for more language education and awareness.
  • Why not head up to Coonabarrabran in NSW and experience a German language farm stay, with animals, pottery, German lessons, cooking, games, horse riding, and more.
  • Download some audio books / stories “Hoerspiele” from the ORHKA site.  Some libraries in Germany and Austria will allow you to become a member, and then you can download some of the audio books from their catalogues too.
  • Download this PDF on how to teach your child (or partner) German in just 15 minutes a day 
  •  Languages Australia is Australia’s ONLY comprehensive and dedicated directory based website for foreign language / bilingual education options for children 0-18 years. Languages Australia currently includes over 270 Bilingual Playgroups, over 145 preschool age options: Childcare and Bilingual Story-Time, government Primary and Secondary Schools and their language programs, and after School options and Saturday Schools.