Chocolate Fundraising Tips

Here are all the details and tips you need to sell chocolates to raise funds for Spielwelt

Thank you for your interest in selling chocolates to raise money for Spielwelt.

There are two steps for you to take:

STEP 1:  Sign out your chocolates 
You can take a box of chocolates to sell at $1.00 per bar. If all bars in each box are sold, each box should bring in $50.

Each box has a number. Please ensure that you fill out the chocolate sign out sheet, so that we can track who took which chocolate box.   You will need the number when you go to pay for your box, too.

Leave your box of chocolates, together with an honesty box to collect the cash in, on your desk or in your workplace community kitchen or coffee area, with a sign saying you are raising funds for Spielwelt”s children”s programs in German in Canberra and thanking people for their honesty and contribution.  Make the price per chocolate easily visible.  Or download and print this chocolate box sign.
Note to beginners:   If the box is left out unsupervised at work, for example, please be aware that some of the bars might go missing (this has arisen a couple of times in our last 6 years of selling them…once, surprisingly, in the law faculty (!) at the university.)  Some families take this in stride and cover the loss, and others find it better to keep their boxes supervised.   (See below about pre-paying for your box, to mitigate your risk.)
STEP 2:  Return your money (or any unsold chocolates)
You have two payment options:
1.  Pay Spielwelt the $50 once you have sold all chocolates in your box;
2.  Pre-pay $45 per box (or more, if you so wish!) within three days of picking it up.  Some families prefer to pre-pay for the chocolates so they don”t have to remember later.  You can pre-pay even if you have not sold any (or all) of them, and it does help to mitigate your risk if some of your choccies are stolen from your desk.

Money should be deposited into the following account (please note this is not your term fees account):

Spielwelt Overall
BSB 032778
Account 357314
Ref:  CHOC# [child”s surname]    (where # is the box number, for example “CHOC K15 Schmatz”)