The German Australian Playschool (the GAP) caters for children 3 to 5 years old. Children can attend two or four days a week.

German Australian Playschool Philosophy

Children’s safety and wellbeing is at the centre of our thoughts, values and actions.  We believe that in order to thrive, children need to feel safe, valued and supported. It is therefore our aim to create a caring and nurturing environment in which all children will flourish and have fun whilst learning the German language.

Our priorities are: 1) the child; 2) the child’s friends and family; 3) the child’s environment and possessions.  You will see these priorities reflected in the children’s lessons and activities at Playschool, in our school philosophies and policies, and in the way our staff interact with the children.

We are sun-smart, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, healthy-habits school, where children enjoy their activities and experience joy in learning.

Our vision

Our vision is to a) introduce children to the joy of learning; and b) to help children develop their German language skills, by providing a supportive, fun and positive German educational environment.

The Playschool aims to foster the holistic development of each child through active learning and positive interactions.

We will work with families by providing opportunities for participation in the Playschool programs, operation and planning.

Information about the development of the children are regularly exchanged with families.

Our program embraces the multicultural nature of our Playschool community and incorporates and celebrates diversity amongst the children, their peers, communities and families.

Our two wonderful playschool programs

Monday & Tuesday immersion class: This immersion class is suitable for children with prior German knowledge. Our play-based educational program is taught in German, and English is rarely used by the teachers.

Thursday & Friday bilingual class:  The bilingual class is suitable for children with all levels of German from beginner to fluent.  English is  sometimes interspersed with German by the head teacher; whereas the assistant teachers aim to speak only German* with the children. (Some years, there is quite a large proportion of children who understand German in this class so teachers adjust its pedagogy more closely with the immersion model.)

*While we recognise that language teaching is important, building secure and loving relationships with the children is paramount, so from time to time (particularly during the settling in period or if an English-speaking child is upset), teachers may switch to English.

Or enrol for all four days:  To be eligible to enrol for all four days, children must be eligible for the Monday & Tuesday class, or be sufficiently advanced in the Thursday & Friday class.

Which class is right for my child?  Please ask us. It is not a good idea to over-estimate your child’s German comprehension and enrol in the immersion class, as we find children can become bored and frustrated when they don’t understand.

Does my child need to be toilet trained?  Yes. Children need to be out of nappies during the day in order to start at the GAP.

Echt Deutsch?

Ja klar! The activities are run in German, by qualified German-speaking staff and volunteers.  Our teaching staff are all native speakers. We celebrate German, Austrian and Swiss culture at the GAP as well.

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