Tanzen, Turnen und Theater (Dance, Sport, Drama) afternoon sessions

We offer an afternoon class on site led by an experienced early childhood teacher, dance teacher (ballet and contemporary) and experienced theatrical performance artist, the lovely Esme.

The class runs Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30 – 5pm.  Children simply stay on after GAP in a seamless transition to the afternoon program.

The class incorporates expressive dance, movement, music, sport, yoga, dramatic and artistic story-telling, and is a lot of fun.

Children pick up vocabulary easily through music, movement and stories.  The class provides opportunities for children to improve their balance, flexibility and body awareness.  Movement classes in early childhood have been shown to increase academic success.

Themes each term are influenced by the children.  The choreography and stories unfold as the children develop their skills and confidence.  Depending on the program each term, parents may be invited to applaud and admire their children’s achievements at a mini showcase.

What to bring

We recommend comfortable clothing that allows all kinds of movement.  When indoors on the wooden floor, we dance and move in bare feet, so dance slippers are not required.

Children will need to bring afternoon tea with them (or plan to have what might be left of their lunch), and have a water bottle handy.


Parents may pay by the term (approx $22/session) or use the program as occasional after-school care and just pay for the weeks their child attends ($26/session). If you are attending on an occasional basis, let Esme know and make a note in the sign in book at drop off time.