Dance classes in German

We offer an afternoon dance class on site led by an experienced early childhood teacher and dance teacher (ballet and contemporary), the lovely Esme.

Dance is offered Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30 – 5pm, and is suitable for children aged three to six, with all levels of German comprehension.  Children can attend on their GAP or non-GAP day, but must be enrolled in GAP to attend the dance class.

Children pick up vocabulary easily through music and movement, along with improving their balance, flexibility and body awareness.

There is an emphasis on learning dance techniques and having fun with movement to music.

Parents are often invited to applaud and admire their children’s dancing at a mini showcase in week 10 of each term.


The program starts at 3:30pm with 15 minutes of afternoon tea (usually comprising what is left of their lunch).  GAP children who attend dance classes simply stay at the hall and make a seamless transition from GAP to Dance.

Like any dance class, there are three major sections within every lesson:

1. Warming Up

Our warm up is all about preparing the body and mind for the dance experience. We welcome everybody in the group and do exercises supporting awareness of the components of the performing arts: our own bodies (our instruments), our fellow dancers and the space we are moving in. We gently stretch and move our joints and muscles, all with giggles and a sense of fun and joy.

2. Dance and Movement (to fun popular German music and classical music)

We learn steps and moves, experimenting with walking steps based on ballet and contemporary dance patterns. We have fun with various styles of sitting, getting up, jumps and turns. It is important to Esme to look at the individual dance patterns that the children bring to the class, and opportunities will be given for free dance expression.  Our aim is to present what we’ve learned at the end of each term, in a choreography developed and practised in each lesson.

3.  Relaxation

In a review of the lesson, we explore how the body reacts to the movement and dance experience.

The process of the dance program will be strongly influenced by the children, so the choreography will unfold as the children develop their skills and confidence.

What to wear and bring

We recommend comfortable clothing that allows all kinds of movement, and socks or gymnastic slippers.

Children will need to bring afternoon tea with them (or plan to have what might be left of their lunch).


Parents may pay by the term (approx $22/session) or use the program as occasional after-school care and just pay for the weeks their child attends ($26/session). If you are attending on an occasional basis, let Esme know and make a note in the sign in book when you drop off your child at GAP in the morning.