Daily Routine

Here is a typical day’s schedule at the GAP. If it looks like many valuable skills being imparted to your child, in a fun-filled, action-packed day the children will love – you’re right!!

NB: This is not our schedule every day. It is only an indicative sample.Obviously, the program is child-centered, and so, for example, if children are enjoying an activity very much, the time for that activity will be extended that day. Outdoor time is extended or reduced according to the weather. Plus, we juggle the schedule a bit to keep things interesting and lively, and our staff of fairy-godmothers try to accommodate everyone’s needs!

Of course, we have drinking water and toilets accessible all day, plus specific reminders/opportunities for these things at our transition times.

Zeit Aktivität Ziel
ab 9:15 Freispiel draussen Sozialkompetenz, Grobmotorik, emotionale Intelligenz, Kreativität
09:40 Roll call und Frühstück
10:00 Morgenkreis (ggf in Kleingruppen):  thematische Gruppenaktivitäten (Spiele, Lieder, Diskussion, Basteln, activity sheets, Hans Hase) Konzentration, Kognitive Fähigkeiten, Sprachvermögen, soziale Kompetenzen, Lesen/Schreiben, Zahlenverständnis
Freispiel draussen Sozialkompetenz, Grobmotorik, emotionale Intelligenz, Kreativität
11:15 Kreis: Buch / Basteln / andere Aktivität Literacy, Konzentration, Feinmotorik, Sozialkompetenz
12:15 Mittagessen Sprachkompetenz, Gesundheitsbewusstsein
13:00 Ruhezeit Entspannung
13:40 Selbstbestimmte Kleingruppenaktivitäten: Basteln, Lesen, Tischaktivitäten, draussen spielen, Musik, Experimente, Vorlesen,… je nach Aktivität: Feinmotorik, Grobmotorik, Sprachvermögen, Sozialkompetenz, emotionale Intelligenz, Lesen/Schreiben, Zahlenverständnis, kognitive Fähigkeiten, Konzentration
15:00 Abschlusskreis
15:30 Abholzeit
Je nach Interesse und Konzentrationsvermögen der Kinder, je nach Wetter oder anderen äusseren Einflussen werden wir flexibel von diesem Zeitplan abweichen.


Time Activity Aim
ab 9:15 Free Play outside (weather permitting) Gross motor, social and emotional skills, and creativity
09:40 Roll call and morning tea language skills, health awareness
10:00 Morning circle (possibly in small groups): themed group activities (Games, Songs, Discussions, Craft, Activity Sheets, Hans Hase) Concentration; cognitive, language and social skills, literacy and numeracy
Free Play outside (weather permitting) Gross motor, social and emotional skills, and creativity
11:15 Circle: Craft / Book / other activity literacy, concentration, fine motor, cognitive and social skills
12:15 Lunch language skills, health awareness
13:00 Rest Time relaxation
13:40 Self directed activities in small groups: Craft, reading, table activities, outside play, music, experiments,… according to activity: fine motor, gross motor, language, social, emotional, and cognitive skills, literacy and numeracy, concentration
15:00 last circle time
15:30 pick up
Depending on interest and level of concentration of the children, depending on weather and other external factors, we will flexibly deviate from this schedule.


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