Spielwelt Library

Thanks to the generous donations of parents, our fundraising, donations from the German Embassy, other German schools, our patrons, and an ACT Multicultural Languages Grant....

Spielwelt has a fabulous children's library, all in German, of over 1000 catalogued items. 

Spielwelt members can borrow books, CDs, DVDs and games.... all in German. There is also a swap corner for adults' books and magazines; as well as Teach-Yourself-German kits and German-English dictionaries.

If you don't have a child enrolled in one of our programs, you can still be a Spielwelt library member. It costs $20 per year. Download a membership form and email or post it to us (see contact us page).

The library is run by volunteers from each of our children's programs, overseen by a volunteer Head Librarian.

We are happy to receive donations any time. 

We also collect second-hand English children's books, to send to our friends at the Billy bilingual kindergarten in Jena, Germany; and to our friends at the Care School in Nepal.


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