Our Supporters and Donors

The German Australian Playschool, playgroups and Pfadfinder would like to thank the following people and organisations who generously supported us:


Governments and Embassies:

  • The ACT Government's Community Support and Infrastructure grant in Dec 2008 ($35,000) and 2009 ($12,000)
  • The ACT Government's Multicultural Grants Program - for grants in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 (ranging between $800 and $3000)
  • The ACT Government's Community Language Grants program - grant in May 2009
  • The German Embassy - for establishment costs for Pfadfinder Scouts, and gifts for GAP 


Businesses and Organisations:

  • Steve Dodt of Canberra Online - for website services and hosting.
  • Bunnings Belconnen - for fundraising opportunities and donations of equipment.
  • Chris at Badgelink for great service and super name badges for our staff and leaders.
  • EcoHeat - for the supply and installation of an environmentally friendly solar space heater / cooler. 
  • Rivoland Tiles - for the supply of discounted floor tiles.
  • Clark Rubber - for huge discounts on the plastic cones for our traditional First Day of School gifts.
  • Super Toyworld and Hobbies store in Fyshwick, Canberra, for their kind donation of German language toys for our Nikolaus presents at Spiel und Spass in 2009.
  • Glenn from Mind Games in Canberra for a raffle prize donation.
  • ACTEWAGL for a $10,000 Green Grant in October 2011.
  • LAROS Technologies - for the supply of triple-glazing safety standard windows, at cost, for the scout hall using funding from the ACTEW AGL Green Grant.



  • The Hofer Family - for their very generous donations of German books from overseas.
  • The Hoefer-Dunne Family - for their many generous donations of German books and toys.
  • The Rankin Family - for a donation of many high quality German children's books.
  • The Klaiber Family - for donations of German children's toys.
  • Three families who each wish to remain anonymous, who donated money towards a little girl's GAP fees and made it possible for her to attend in 2009.
  • The Pfadfinder Leaders who volunteer their time every week and some weekends to run amazing activities for the Scouts.
  • The families who take an active role in organising Spiel und Spass and making it a warm and friendly meeting for young children.
  • And to all the GAP parents who generously donate of their time and expertise, to make the GAP the wonderful place it is.

Thanks to the Corazza family who donated and delivered fresh sand for our sandbox and playground mulch for us to play in. The children got busy making a thank you poster.

Thanks as well to the generous donation of green grass and its installation, by the Mazouz family in March 2013.



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