Uniforms, Scarves and Badges

Here are some helpful things to note about Pfadfinder scarves, uniforms and badges.

1. Please label your child’s scarf with their name along the top hem (at the top center, where the yellow and red meet, writing in a straight line across the top (the longest side of the scarf)).

2. If your child loses their woggle, new ones can be purchased from the group at $4 or so. Alternatively, you might prefer to learn the friendship knot and use that instead of a woggle sometimes. Children may make their own fun woggles as well.

3. Our scarves are worn with the Red on the Right shoulder.  If you can help sew more scarves, please let our leaders know!

4. A scout scarf is for your whole scouting life, and will have many exciting adventures with you. Please encourage your child to treat theirs with respect, wear it every week to Pfadfinder, and keep it safe other times. If your child has lost their scarf, a new one is $30.

5. The tradition in scouting is to donate your scout shirt (once you have outgrown it) to the group, for someone else to use. Many families have benefitted from the uniform pool already. If your child is moving away and has no attachment to their scarf, we would love to have that back as a donation to the uniform pool, too.

6. Sometimes children earn or are given badges that don’t go on their uniform, but are camp blanket badges. Any blanket that you would take camping is a good scout blanket… or let the Group Leader know in Term 4 if your child would like a personalised Pfadfinder blanket from Nikolaus.

7. As your child approaches their 6th, 8th, 11th or 14th birthday, please remind me so we can organise for them to move up to the next section (and get a new colour sleeved shirt).

8. There are a great many badges that scouts can earn. Joeys (6-7 year olds) earn badges during their evening programs. Cubs (8-11 years) and Scouts (11-14 years) are given record books in which they can track their achievements in working towards earning all kinds of badges. A cub group in Victoria have an excellent website about all the cub badges here. Or you can download the Scouts Australia app and have all the badge requirements at your fingertips.


Where do I sew the badges on?


* Pfadfinder Joey Badge Placement Diagram

* Cub Badge Placement Diagram