How to join Pfadfinder

We hope that you will love Pfadfinder as much as we do … a LOT!

To join Pfadfinder, we suggest  you come along to meet us first and have some fun. Contact us to see where we will be this week. Most nights we are at the Scout Hall or the surrounding Haig Park, but some nights we are out and about on excursions.

To join up:

Step 1:  Youth Application Form

After you’ve decided to join, then fill in an online Pfadfinder Youth Application form.  Fill in your name and email on the front page, then “Lisa” and “” for the Group Leader details and the Section Leader details.  The youth application form will then be visible for you to fill in.  When all red cells are filled in, you will be able to click ‘submit’.

Step 2:  WWVP card for Parent(s)

You’ll need to apply for a free Working With Vulnerable People card for any adults who will accompany your child sometimes on our camps, and be joining in the fun helping out on our parent roster.  Your kids will love you for it!

When fillling in the form, under Employer/Organisation, put:

The Scout Association of Australia – ACT Branch
89 Kitchener Street, Garran, ACT 2605
Adult Volunteer
Contact: Sarah Smith
6282 5211

Under ‘what regulated activity to you intend to engage in?’,  tick clubs, associations and movements.

Step 3:  Activity Consent Pro-forma

To be ready to attend scouting activities and camps away from the scout hall, you’ll also need to provide a pro-forma scouts activity consent form.  Fill in your name and email on the front page, then “Lisa” and “” for the Section Leader details.  Once you can see the form, fill in all the red cells but simply put an ‘x’ in the last three cells.  We will get your real signature for each event, but this pro-forma will save you filling in the same details over and over again throughout the  year.

Step 4:  Pay your  Fees

Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to find out what the costs and your involvement will be, and then pay your fees.  Prompt payment might even win you an ribbon, like our award-winning horse riders!

Step 5:  Join the Appropriate Mailing Lists

Make sure your email address has been added to the Pfadfinder email group.  Ask your to do this.

Step 6:  Enjoy!

After that first bit of paperwork is out of the way, we absolutely promise to keep the formalities to a bare minimum, and the fun cranked up to maximum!


Wir freuen uns Euch kennenzulernen!  Bis bald!


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