Pfadfinder Fees

Pfadfinder Scouts pay their fees by the year or by the term.  There are 4 terms each year.

Annual fees are due on joining, or term fees are due in the last week of the previous term.


The fees per term for 2019 are:

$85 per term, if you pay by the term.

$255 for the year, if you pay all at once at the beginning of Term 1, for Terms 1 to 4.

$200 for Terms 2, 3 and 4, if you pay it all at once at the beginning of Term 2.

Your prompt payment is greatly appreciated, as it means less hassling you and less time for overworked volunteers chasing up overdue payments.


We’re going to miss some sessions.  Can we pay less?

See the Spielwelt Partial Payment policy to find out.  Talk to us first to let us know, and clear it with us.



Fees are payable to:

Account Name:  German Australian Pfadfinder Scout Group

BSB: 032778

Account: 334067

Westpac Bank

Reference: *PFADx xchild’s surname*   Where x is the number of the year or term.  For example Ref: “PFAD2016 Dodt” would be a payment for Leon Dodt for that whole year.  *PFAD2 Michl* would be a payment for Term 2 for Felix Michl.    “PFAD234 Schmidt” would be a payment for Elise Schmidt for Terms 2, 3, and 4.

If you make a teller-assisted deposit, please let me know by email, otherwise we can’t tell whose payment it is.  If the teller will allow a numerical reference, try using your child’s date of birth, which will help us identify your payment.
If you intend to write a cheque or bring cash, let us know in advance.  These can be deposited in our safe.

If you have not paid your fees, you won’t be able to leave your child at the Scouts without a parent/guardian.

Costs and Family Involvement