Spiel und Spannung

The Spiel und Spannung is a relaxed playgroup providing a chance for children to play while the adults catch up with each other in German. We incorporate a few German children’s songs and stories too.

The group meets from 10:30am to 12:30pm on Tuesdays.

We meet at each other’s homes or in public parks or interesting places. Our group members get a message over email or Whatsapp to let them know where the meeting will be each week.

The aim of Spiel und Spannung playgroup is to promote the German language amongst our children (and their families) and have a great time together! We play outdoors in parks whenenever we can, sing songs, read stories, celebrate German holidays and enjoy socialising in German. If it rains, we meet at each other’s houses or other indoor venues.

Spiel und Spannung is for 0-5 year olds, and their German-speaking parent, grandparent, au pair and/or carer.

You are encouraged to bring a water bottle and healthy snack or piece of fruit for your child’s morning tea.

The group is lots of fun for the children, and we endeavour to create a really lovely sense of family and friendship amongst the families who attend.

Auf Deutsch: Die ‘neue’ deutsche DIENSTAGs Spielgruppe von 10.30h-12.30h, mit Namen Spiel und SPANNUNG für 0 bis 5-jährige geht wieder los! Wir treffen uns auf Spielplätzen in und um Canberra oder bei Regen privat zu Hause. Kosten: 5$ pro term oder $20 pro Jahr. Interesse? Dann sendet eine E-Mail an spiel.und.SPANNUNG@spielwelt.org.au

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