Spurfinder (5 yrs)

Spiel und Spurfinder playgroup is for 5 year olds who are really busting to join the German-speaking Joey Scouts. They do all the activities that Joey-Scouts do, but with parental supervision. As this is a playgroup, parents stay with their children, until they reach the age of 6 and join Pfadfinder.

There is a minimum German comprehension level required to join Spurfinder. Children must be able to understand basic instructions in German, and be able to reply in German.

To join Spurfinder, email pfadfinder.group.leader@spielwelt.org.au to let us know when you plan to come along, and double-check where we are meeting that week.

Spurfinder fees are the same as the Pfadfinder term fees, and are well worth it!

This group meets in ACT school terms, and some weekends.

Once you have been to the group once in person, you can join the email group.  Email the group leader and ask to be added.