Canoeing with Scouts

(This page is used by Pfadfinder, as well as other scouts in the ACT.)

Scouts ACT has a Branch Water Activities Team (BWAC) who run sailing and canoeing activities for scouts. BWAC owns and operates canoes stored in their Grevillia Park shed, and these are available for use during Terms 1 and 4. Scout leaders can book an evening of canoeing for scouts of any age, pending the availability of a trained canoeing guide.

Once you have booked a date, here is what you need to know:



Cost is $5 per youth participant.  Parents, leaders and adult helpers are free.

Participants:  Bring $5 on the night and give it to your leader.

Note to Leaders: You can give your collected cash to your BWAC guide in cash on the night (they will give you a receipt, and deposit it to the BWAC account for you).

Or, you can pay by internet banking or direct deposit to the branch office account with the reference “BWACGyymmdd” (where yymmdd are the year, month and day you are going canoeing).

As an extra fund-raiser, if you wish to toss your canoeing guide into the water, it costs an extra $50. (Ha ha!) If the scouts would like to toss their own leaders into the water, that’s free (and expected / indeed encouraged) (especially by the soaking wet canoeing guide)!  🙂

The rescue boat at Lake Tuggeranong Sea Scouts.  

How to get there

Here is a map showing how to get to Grevillia Park.    Once there, look for the Scouts canoe storage area.

Safety briefing before canoeing

Forms to fill in

Leaders:  Get your families to fill in the scouts activity consent form.


What to bring

  • Closed shoes (no crocs, gumboots, sandals or thongs).
  • Water bottle.
  • Towel.
  • Change of clothes.
  • Your $5.
  • Completed permission form to give to your leader.
  • Sun hat.
  • You don’t need to wear your scout uniform or scarf unless your leader tells you otherwise – a swim suit or clothes that can get wet will be perfect.

Session times

Your leader will tell you what time your session is due to start and finish.   Normally sessions start at 6pm, but some groups vary this.


Possible reasons for cancellation

It is advisable for leaders to have a back up plan in case of cancellation.  Leaders may wish to let the parents know how and by what time a cancellation/change of venue will be communicated to them, when they advertise their upcoming canoeing session.

Possible reasons for cancellation include:

* rain or lightning on the night

* sudden unavailability of your guide

* the lake being closed due to high algae levels.  Leaders can check Lake Burley Griffin’s weekly report (issued each Thursday during the lake’s recreation season, October to April) to see if the lake is open for recreation.