Costs and Family Involvement

Here is an estimate of the costs parents would be expected to cover were their child to participate in the Pfadfinder Scout Group. The costs are based on a year’s involvement in the Scout group, and families are expected to commit for the year. We pack a lot into our year; we are run by volunteers; most of our events are subsidised, and you get excellent value for money: You will love Pfadfinder!

  1. The group meets weekly during term times, and there are four terms per year, each 10 weeks long (same dates as ACT public schools), with two weeks break between terms. Fees are approximately $350 per year.
  2. The group also holds camps or sleepovers or other events occasionally on weekends or during school holidays. Fees depend on the event, and vary from no cost to $25 per event. It is estimated that $50 per year would cover an average year, and these extras are of course optional (or ask us about funding assistance if you need to).
  3. Each participant 6 years old and over is expected to own and wear their own Scouts Australia polo shirt. These are available from the Scout Shop online which offers free delivery. Scouting youth shirts cost about $30. Alternatively, you can ask the Group Leader if there are any second hand ones. These, in the tradition of Scouting, are donated by families who have moved up to the next section or moved away, and are free. (Please consider donating your scout shirt to the group when you grow out of it.)
  4. Each participant will be given their own scarf and wogglewhich is presented to them on investment, these stay with them through-out their Scouting career. A scout scarf is for life, so treat it well! Lost scarves cost $30 to replace and woggles are $5.
  5. The term fees include all craft, baking, woodworking, badges, etc., supplies and tools; as well as membership to Scouts Australia, insurance and Scout hall maintenance.

In summary, the cost to join Pfadfinder Scouts would be approximately $355 to $450 per annum.

Pfadfinder Fees