Pfadfinder Workers can help you

Need help in your house or garden? Give our Pfadfinder scouts (12-14 years old) or venturers (15-17) or rovers (18-26) a call!

Pfadfinder get work experience, and you get work done!

Where skilled labour is required, we send along a qualified and talented leader to coach the Pfadfinder in the skills they need.

We have a huge selection of tools and equipment available to us, and are gaining more and more valuable experience, to put to use for you!

Ask us about:

landscaping, plumbing, gardening work, gutter cleaning, some electrical work (with our electricians), cleaning, babysitting (in German, of course), woodwork, metal work, welding, and all sorts of construction, repairs and maintenance.

Our rates are very reasonable. Most of the money goes into our Pfadfinder kitty for us to get more tools or go on special excursions or camps; and a small portion goes to work experience pocket money for each individual youth involved in your job.

Contact for a quote and to talk about your requirements.