Spiel und Spass Fees

Best value for money for a children’s program we ever spent!

Our playgroup meets in school terms, and sometimes over the school holidays as well.

The fees are:

Our fees are as follows:
A family with one child:  $180 per year   (January to December)
For a family with two or more children:  $200 per year

You may wish to pay by the term, but please note it is more expensive to do this.  There are 4 terms per year, of 10 weeks each.
 For a family with one child:  $50 per term
For a family with two or more children:  $55 per term
If you join part way through the year, you pay a pro-rata of the annual amount, ie start in Term 2 = 75% of the annual fee; start in Term 3 = 50% of annual fee; but start in Term 4 = per term fee.
Your prompt payment is greatly appreciated, as it means less hassling you and less time for overworked volunteers chasing up overdue payments.

We’re going to miss some sessions. Can we pay less?

See the Spielwelt Partial Payment policy to find out. Talk to us first to let us know, and clear it with us.

Fees are payable by cheque, internet banking or direct deposit to:

Account Name: Spielwelt German Parents Association Inc.
BSB: 032778
Account:  334059   (NB: This is the Spiel und Spass only account. Don’t put your GAP fees or fundraising money in here.)
Westpac Bank

Reference:  *SSx child’s surname*   Where is the number of the term or the year. For example “SS2018 Tobler” would be a payment for the Tobler family for the year 2018;  or”SS4 Weiss” would be a payment for the Weiss family for Term 4.

If you make a teller-assisted deposit, please let us know by email, otherwise we can’t tell whose payment it is. If the teller will allow you to put a numerical reference try your child’s date of birth, which will help us to identify it.

You can also bring cash and deposit it in our safe in a labelled envelope.