Childcare Subsidy at GAP

Good news!!!  The GAP offers the government childcare subsidy to eligible families.

How does it work?  Families sign up for the subsidy through myGov, and then the government works out how much of a subsidy the family will receive.  The subsidy is usually paid directly to the childcare provider (the GAP in this case), and families only pay the difference to the childcare provider (ie the GAP).  Sometimes the subsidy is paid directly to families though.  Families are responsible to make sure the total (raw) fees are paid – either through the subsidy or from their own pocket.

So how much of a subsidy will I get?  

Once you have passed the immunisation and residency requirements, there are three factors that will determine your level of child care subsidy.

ONE:   Your combined family income.  Most of our families will get between a 50% and 85% subsidy.

TWO:  There is an activity test which asks about how many hours per fortnight you work or volunteer.

THREE:  The type of childcare you use.  For the purposes of the subsidy, GAP is classed as an approved centre-based day care, giving you the maximum fee cap.

What if….   Wait! What?  Our family might not be eligible afterall!

If you need to do some volunteer hours in order to be eligible, there are lots of wonderful charities in need of assistance.  The volunteering  you do at the GAP itself (or being on the committee) is considered by the government to be “parental duty” and not “activity hours”, unless you are directly teaching the children (which is not how we are structured at GAP).

What should families do now?

If you have not already registered to get the subsidy, you should take action now to create a myGov account (via , and then, under Services, link myGov to Centrelink.  Select Centrelink and fill in the Child Care Subsidy Assessment form.

What then?

On your enrolment form, you’ll be asked for your CRN and other subsidy related information.  Once we’ve processed your enrolment, you may need to visit the myGov site several times to set up and confirm your enrolment at GAP.  We’ll let you know when it all looks good.  Once at the GAP, you will get fortnightly statements showing where you are up to, and how much subsidy we have received for you from the government.