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Twinkle toes artists

The children at the GAP got to enjoy some artistic experiences as usual last week, but this time only using their feet. Imagine using your toes to paint, hold a paint brush, or try to knead and shape play dough! It provoked lots of conversation and was a lot of fun too.

A Fair Chomp

Some of the children at the GAP joined their teacher Lisa-Marie starring in an ActSmart video to share one of our tips about being green.

By replacing our old bar heaters for more efficient reverse cycle heaters, we have reduced our carbon footprint and now save ourselves over $1000 a year. As our young GAP friends in the video will tell you, that’s a fair chomp!

We have posted the ActSmart video on our Facebook page for your enjoyment.

Our Solar Panels are on

Some say the Turner Scout Hall is a power house of energy and sunshine! That’s all the more true since our solar panels went on today.

The children at the GAP sang a traditional German children’s song about busy tradespeople (Wer will fleissige Handwerker sehen? (sing along if you wish)) while the installers Carn and Ambrose were hard at work on the roof installing the panels and Rhys was wiring up the inverter.

When the workers were finished, the children came outside to admire the panels and talk about what they were for and why we are “keen to be green”.

Thanks to Mark and the team from Captain Kilowatt who organised it all for us, and Eshan at ActSmart who helped us with our feasibility study and picking the right components.

We are very grateful to the ACT government: Our contribution of $5,000 was matched by the ActSmart program, and we are now the proud users of a 6.48kW solar system with Jinko panels and a Fronius inverter.    

Based on current electricity consumption, and using our new SmartMeter, our investment will pay for itself within 3.5 years. 

Teaching job vacancy at German Australian Playschool

One of our staff members is returning to Germany, leaving a desirable vacancy as an assistant teacher at the GAP! Here is the job ad:

The German Australian Playschool caters for 3-5 year olds, in Turner ACT, and is run by a small team of dedicated professional educators, offering a wonderful program in German, in a loving caring environment. 

The position on offer is as an Assistant Teacher, three days a week, starting 14 October until 20 December (with an extension possible afterwards). The hours are 9:10-3:40 Mondays, 8:40-5:10pm Thursdays, 8:40-3:40 Fridays.  The GAP operates during ACT school terms, and is also open for limited days during holidays and school term breaks. 

The minimum requirements for Assistant Teachers at the GAP are to: 

* speak fluent German
* be wonderful with children aged 3-5 years old
* be a good team player
* be eligible for (or already hold) a Working with Vulnerable People Card
* be prepared to undertake (or already hold) a First Aid certificate in Australia
* have a valid work permit to work in Australia (or be a citizen or permanent resident)

The ideal candidate will also have:
* prior children’s services or early childhood teaching experience
* be a native German-speaker
*hold a diploma in early childhood education (or a certificate III and be working towards a diploma) or equivalent, or similar overseas qualification. Talk to us about your qualifications.

If you or someone you know would like to join our team, we look forward to hearing from you! 

Enquiries and CVs can be sent to Lisa on

Frozen Rainbows

In Lisa-Marie’s latest lesson about colours and colour-mixing, the children had a great time painting with blocks of frozen paint. As the little blocks melted, we could paint and mix more and more colours into our works of art. It was really fascinating and lots of fun!

A special guest to the GAP went through the list of colours of the rainbow with the children, and one little girl added at the end, “And don’t forget sparkles!” So it seems that just because we have banned glitter due to environmental concerns, doesn’t mean we can’t still have sparkles in our lives!

Frozen paint on a popsicle stick

Environmental Scientists

The GAP children had an amazing time learning about water, with our resident environmental expert, Paul Doyle.

We wondered, what lives in the rivers? Ducks, fish, platypus, swans, water fowl, yabbies….

What do those animals eat? Small water bugs, small fish, fish eggs, snails, zooplankton, insects…

What else gets into the water and how does it get there? Rubbish sometimes gets washed into the rivers by the rain and through drains.

Paul very kindly brought in some of his scientific equipment and interesting water samples for us to look at. It was fascinating.

We also made platypus puppets from paper bags, and talked about how we can keep our environment clean so that animals like platypus can live in clean water. In fact, we all need clean water to live.

Field Biologists at work

In the past weeks, the GAP children have been talking about sciences like biology, chemistry and geophysics, and performing fun experiments in class. The children are always keen to explore outdoors, so….

We ventured out into the field as biologists searching for animals. And guess what? We found some never discovered before! With the discovery of a new species, comes the prestigious naming rights in Latin, of course.

The photo featured above is Igelus Nicki. Meet some of our other newly discovered geo-flora-fauna below!

Mausus Stock
Hausschuhus Lickibum (don’t ask. It’s Latin)
Fussabdruckus Glitzerbombe
Schlangus Bente

Rainbow Pizza

The Monday-Tuesday GAP class thoroughly enjoyed learning about colours and vegetables, with Lisa-Marie’s innovative lesson about making a rainbow pizza. We did this in small groups so that everyone had an opportunity to participate.

First we made our own pizza dough and rolled it out
Next we put the tomato sauce on
Next comes a variety of toppings
We were so pleased with ourselves when we managed to make a rainbow on our pizza!

Making our own vegetarian pizza was fun and healthy, and it meant less packaging was wasted and it was more environmentally friendly.

Lantern Walk 2019

What a wonderful winter walk we all enjoyed. This year’s traditional German lantern walk was a magical evening.

Many volunteers helped to put the event on: providing food, drinks, shopping, cooking and serving on the BBQ, cleaning, providing the audio/visual magic, and much more.

Families started arriving from all sides of Haig Park, with big grins and lanterns in hand
Our busy event organiser surrounded by the hungry hoards collecting their soup, Thuringer sausages, sauerkraut, rolls, Gluehwein, Kinderpunsch and yummy baked goods.
Soon the crowds were enjoying themselves, eating, drinking and chatting with new and old friends.
We assembled to sing the songs, surrounded by several magical jellyfish lanterns held by volunteers ready at all times to reunite any lost parents with their children.

The walk took us along a path lit by lanterns, to a wide circle area in the forest. There we enjoyed more singing together while the children paraded inside the circle with their lanterns, and we heard a special choral performance by the joeys and cubs.

Returning to the hall, we were entertained by a play about Saint Martin who is associated with the lantern walks in Europe.

After the procession, some stayed on to enjoy the bonfires.

We are grateful to the ACT government for their ongoing support of this event, through the ACT Multicultural Grants program.

Wiradjuri Echoes visit

Aboriginal Australian Duncan and his team from Wiradjuri Echoes visited us at the GAP, and we loved having them!

Duncan spoke to us about Reconcilation Week and the Stolen Generation. We all agreed with him that children shouldn’t have been taken away from their parents. We talked about how we love our parents, and parents love their children.

Duncan then proceeded to delight, entertain and educate us with Aboriginal musical instruments and fascinating tools they used to use.

We got to hear amazing didgeridoo music, see a bush telephone in action (we “rang” Duncan’s mum on it!), dance, sing, learn a few new words in Duncan’s mob’s language, pretend we were various Australian animals, have our faces painted, hear a Dream-Time story and learn a fun snake dance. It was a great morning!

Warrior prince face painting, in preparation for the Snake Dance
Jacinta from Wiradjuri Echoes leads the Snake Dance
The Snake Dance winds itself up, to the great merriment of the children
Berry princess friends ready for dancing and singing
We loved hearing all the Australian animal sounds played on the didgeridoo, and trying to keep up with the rhythm using our clapping sticks!