Federweisser Fest

Come and enjoy German music, German food and drinks, and making friends at our family picnic, Federweisser Fest!

Saturday 25 March 2023
4 pm – 10 pm

Haig Park, next to Turner Scout Hall

What to Bring

Bring your own plates, cutlery, mugs and picnic blankets (or picnic table/ chairs).

We welcome (and need!) donations of Zwiebelkuchen (from as many German regions as we can).

It is also lovely if folk bring soup, salad, German bread, spreads, or dessert to put on the table to share.

Volunteers Needed

If many people pitch in, we all enjoy a great event. Consider donating a bit of your time to help out with BBQing, serving, and tidying up.   It really helps, and it is a fun way to meet new friends.

What’s on the Menu?

Federweisser (…wine to be*) for adults
Apple or grape juice for adults and children
Regional varieties of Zwiebelkuchen (onion tart)
German sausages
German breads and spreads
Pumpkin soup

…and delicious items contributed by our guests…


The Federweisser-Fest-Menu price list will be posted at the event.
Items range from $1 to $10.
Cash only.

What is Federweisser?

In Germany, there are traditional celebrations and festivals around the early stages of wine-making (a young wine called Federweisser is ready for consumption), together with chestnuts and onion dishes which are bountiful around that time of year.

The Federweisser wine is being created exclusively for our event by local winery Collector Wines, which is owned by Pfadfinder dad Alex McKay, and he will be in attendance at the event!

Depending on where you come from in Germany or Austria, Federweisser also known as Sturm, Suser, Sauser, Neuer Suesser or Junger Wein.  According to fans, it has a rather refreshing taste no matter how you pronounce it.

There is more information about the Federweisser tradition and history here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federweisser

COVID considerations for 2023

Stay home if you are sick.  Please observe distancing etiquette when queuing for food, for example. Maximum 6 people in the kitchen at once.

For more information email  special.events@spielwelt.org.au

Many thanks to our Federweisser Fest Special Events Team: Gerda, Gerald, Christian & Uli