Playschool Fees

Important note about the childcare subsidy for Australians

The Australian Government has introduced the Childcare Subsidy Scheme.   Eligible families (ie the vast majority of families) will only pay 50% or less, of the fee amounts listed below.  More information about the childcare subsidy at GAP is here.

International visitors

International German-speaking visitors should enquire about our international visitor rates.  If your family is coming to Canberra on a posting or other international stay, and your child speaks German, we would love to accommodate you if we can.  (If you are moving to Australia, then you are no longer counted as a visitor.)

Daily or hourly fee calculations (Australian)

Our rates for 2021 are $74.87/day (which works out to $11.98/hour).

We operate 48 weeks per year.  There are four terms of 10 weeks each (inline with ACT government school terms), and four opt-in school holiday fortnights.  The dates are below.

How much do I need to pay?

Each family is liable for the full raw amount shown in the table below – HOWEVER, in many cases, the Australian government will pay a subsidy amount directly to the GAP, and so families can reduce the amount they themselves actually pay to the GAP.

If you know your subsidy rate, you can make a rough calculation of your term fees.

If you don’t know your subsidy rate, you need to pay 75% of the listed raw fees up front for the term, and once your subsidy payments start arriving at GAP, we can let you know what your adjusted payment amounts are.   Any over-payments are credited towards your future term fees.

If you know for sure that you will not qualify for the subsidy, then the full raw amount is due (and can be paid in two or three instalments, by negotiation with the treasurer: ).

When do I pay?

Term fees are due the last Friday of the previous term (or two weeks before your child starts).

GAP Fees for 2021

These are raw fees, without the subsidy.
If your child is starting mid-term, your fee will be calculated pro-rata at $74.87/day and $36/public holiday.

Mon/Tues class

Term 1: $1308.79 (Term 1 has only 9 weeks in 2021)
Term 2: $1380.79
Term 3:  $1497.40
Term 4:  $1608.27 (Term 4 has 11 weeks in 2021)

Thurs/Fri class

Term 1: $1347.66 (Term 1 has only 9 weeks in 2021)
Term 2: $1497.40
Term 3:  $1497.40
Term 4:  $1647.14 (Term 4 has 11 weeks in 2021)

Public holidays

We are closed for public holidays but must continue to pay our staff, rent and insurance.  Public holidays are charged at the reduced rate of $36/day.

*Public holidays in 2021 are: Mon 8 March, Fri 2 April, Mon 26 April, Mon 31 May, Mon 14 June and Mon 4 October.

School holiday programs

School holiday programs are opt-in, and cost $74.87/day that your child attends.

Excursions and incursions

The cost of excursions or incursions are charged to each family’s account on the day of the event. These costs are usually between $5 and $20 per term.

NB: The committee reserves the right to change the fees mid-year, giving parents three weeks’ notice. Fees usually increase by CPI effective January each year.

If the fees are going to cause you hardship, please contact us on

2021 Term Dates

There are 4 terms per year, plus opt-in school holiday sessions.

January school holidays & intro sessions:  Mon 18 Jan, Fri 29 Jan

Term 1 (is only 9 weeks this year):  Mon 1 Feb to Thurs 1 April (Fri 2 April is Good Friday)
April school holidays*:  Tues 6,  Thurs 8, Tues 13, Thurs 15 April.

Term 2: Mon 19 April to Fri 25 June (Mon 26 April is ANZAC Day, Mon 31 May is Reconciliation Day and 14 June is Queen’s Birthday)
July school holidays*:  Tues 29 June, Thurs 1, Tues 6, Thurs 8 July

Term 3:  Mon 12 July to Fri 17 Sept
October school holidays*:  Tues 21, Thurs 23,  Tues 28 and Thurs 30 Sept.

Term 4 (is actually 11 weeks this year):  Tues 5 Oct to Fri 17 Dec (Mon 4 Oct is Labour Day)

*Opt-in, and dates TBC.

How do I pay?

Fees are payable by cheque, internet banking or direct deposit to:

Account Name: Spielwelt German Parents Association

BSB: 032778

Account: 276645   (this is the GAP term fee account – do not put fundraising money in here)

Westpac Bank

Reference format:  GAPx child’s surname   (where x is the number of the Term.   For example GAP3 Schilliger is a payment for Term 3 for Oskar Schilliger.

*When paying your first term’s fees, remember to subtract $100 if you have already paid a deposit.

If you make a teller-assisted deposit, please let our treasurer know by email, otherwise we can’t tell whose payment it is.

Fees must be paid in advance.  If you have not paid your fees, you won’t be able to leave your child at the GAP without a parent/guardian.

We’re going to miss some sessions. Can we pay less?

The Spielwelt Partial Payment policy has information on short and long absences due to emergencies, illnesses and holidays, and is your first reference.  Please talk to our director for more information or assistance in calculating your fees.

Can I swap or add sessions?

Your child needs to be eligible to enrol in the session you want to swap to or add. Please let us know as soon as possible if you wish to swap or add sessions, as there are children on the waiting list eager for a place; plus it may take time to juggle these requests.

Can I add a one-off session on a day that my child doesn’t usually attend?

You can ring us to see if there is a spot available that day for your child (provided she/he is already enrolled, and meets the fluency requirements for the session you are adding for a day). If we can accommodate your request, we will. You pay for the extra session on a pro-rata rate.

Childcare Subsidy at GAP

GAP Refund Policy