Playschool Fees

Fees for 2018 are as follows:

Important note!  The 2018  term 3 and 4 fees are subject to change, as the Australian Government is changing the Childcare Benefit Scheme starting 02 July 2018.  We do not anticipate (and the committee will do their best to ensure) that families will be out of pocket any more than they would be by the fees as listed below.

Our rates work out to be $62.25/day, or $9.96/hour.  Afternoon movement classes are $22.50/session, or $26 for a one-off session.



Term 1

inc $6 guest presenter; 2 public holidays: Mon 12 Mar and Mon 2 Apr.

Term 2

inc $7 guest presenter; 2 public holidays: Mon 28 May and Mon 11 June

Term 3

inc $7 guest presenter

 Term 4

inc $12 arboretum

GAP only
$1,198.50 $1,199.50 $1,252 $1,257
GAP plus
Afternoon Movement Class Tues to 5pm
$1,423.50 $1,424.50 $1,477 $1,482




Term 1

inc $5 botanic gardens; 1 public holiday Fri 30 Mar

Term 2

inc $12 Aboriginal guest presenters & $7 Frogwatch
& $7 Musician

Term 3

inc bus wash trip & $7 Musician

 Term 4

inc $12 arboretum

GAP only
$1,223.75 $1,271 $1,252 $1,257
GAP plus
Afternoon Movement Class Thurs to 5pm
$1,448.75 $1,496 $1,477 $1,482


NB: Fees are set by the committee and usually increase by CPI effective January each year.

Term fees are due the last Friday of the previous term (or three weeks before Term 1 starts).

There are 4 terms per year.  Term dates are the same as the ACT government schools dates.

2018 term dates:
Term 1:  Mon 5 Feb to Fri 13 April
Term 2: Mon 30 April to Fri 6 July
Term 3:  Mon 23 July to Fri 28 Sept
Term 4:  Mon 15 Oct to Fri 21 Dec

How do I pay?

Fees are payable by cheque, internet banking or direct deposit to:

Account Name: Spielwelt German Parents Association Inc.

BSB: 032778

Account: 276645   (this is the GAP term fee account – do not put fundraising money in here)

Westpac Bank

Reference: *GAPx child’s surname*   For example Ref: *GAP3 Schiller*   (where x is the number of the Term.  GAP3 is a payment for Term 3.)

*When paying your first term’s fees, remember to subtract $100 if you have already paid a deposit.

If you make a teller-assisted deposit, please let our treasurer know by email, otherwise we can’t tell whose payment it is.

If you have not paid your fees, you won’t be able to leave your child at the GAP without a parent/guardian.

We’re going to miss some sessions. Can we pay less?

The Spielwelt Partial Payment policy has information on short and long absences due to emergencies, illnesses and holidays, and is your first reference.  Please talk to our director for more information or assistance in calculating your fees.

Do I get a government rebate?

The Australian government is making changes to the Childcare Benefit Scheme, effective 02 July 2018.  Details to come.

Until then…  the GAP is a Registered Childcare Provider you are eligible to claim about 71 cents per hour of care.  More information is available at the link.   Please let our Financial Administrator know if you have not received your receipt at the end of the term, by sending an email to

Note: When it comes to childcare benefit claims, we are “registered” not “approved” childcare. In order to be “approved” we would need to operate for more than 40 hours per week.

Can I swap or add sessions?

Your child needs to be eligible to enrol in the session you want to swap to or add. Please let us know as soon as possible if you wish to swap or add sessions, as there are children on the waiting list eager for a place; plus it may take time to juggle these requests.

Can I add a one-off session on a day that my child doesn’t usually attend?

You can ring us to see if there is a spot available that day for your child (provided she/he is already enrolled, and meets the fluency requirements for the session you are adding for a day). If we can accommodate your request, we will. You pay for the extra session on a pro-rata rate.