Committee and Leaders

As a not-for-profit organisation, Spielwelt is run by a committee of volunteers.  Parents usually help out at events at least once or twice per term.  Some parents volunteer as committee members and take up leadership positions.

We appreciate the involvement of all parents in our programs. Please don’t hesitate to contact the committee president or email our to find out where you can support your child’s programs.


President:        Sebastian
Secretary:        Alice
Finance:     Salim
Enrolments:     Lucy
Public Officer:     Tobias

Can’t believe I spent years at university so that I could clean craft tables… It’s all for a worthy cause though… my children’s education and happiness!!

Spiel und Spass leaders:     Tobias

GAP Director:      Lisa S.

Pfadfinder leaders and adult helpers (and Scouting nicknames) :

  • Jens (Balu)
  • Morten (Baghira)
  • Stephanie (Nala)
  • Kerry (Kerria)
  • Dagmar (Dagi)
  • Merle (Koala)
  • Gerald
  • Group Leader – Lisa (Tschil)

…. and YOU!  Parents are asked to help out at least once or twice per term, if they can.


Being a Pfadfinder leader is a rewarding and exciting role!


We would love to have you join us as a leader, committee member, or help in any way you like.  Talk to our