Verbal or Physical Abuse

Helpful books for adults and children

Many of these books are available through the ACT Library  and some are in our Support Library.

If you are researching domestic violence, it may be safer for you to turn your browser on to private mode.

The above books were kindly recommended by the Domestic Violence Crisis Service in Canberra.  Their excellent website is at


Support Groups, Organisations and Links

The Domestic Violence Crisis Service in Canberra is an excellent source of information for those experiencing yelling, put downs, swearing, pushing, hitting or other forms of abuse / control / anger.  They also have information for you if you are supporting friends through the experience.  They even have a kids page.   There is a red ‘quick escape’ button on their website too, which you can click on to take you quickly to Google’s homepage, if need be.The Domestic Violence Crisis Service is an excellent service – Canberra is one of the world leaders in helping families facing this issue, and I can not recommend their service highly enough.  You do not need to be in crisis to contact them.  They will talk to you on the phone or over the internet or meet you somewhere.  They will even come to pick you and your children up and take you to a shelter if you ask them.  They will help you through the courts, if need be.  They are an excellent resource on all levels.

If you aren’t sure if you are in an abusive relationship, you can call and talk to them to discuss it.