Terms and Conditions to hire our Hall

This document records the Hire Agreement reached between:

German Australian Pfadfinder Scout Group, of the Scout Association of Australia Inc. (“the Group”) and the Club or Organisation named in the Appendix (“the Club”).  

There are two parts to the Agreement:  The terms listed on this page, and the Appendix which the Club fills in online.  You will find a link to the Appendix at the end of this page.

Do not fill in the Appendix until you have had confirmation from the hall hire coordinator that your requested dates are okay, and you have sent us a copy of your public liability insurance.

The Agreement is for use of the Group’s Scout Hall at 11 Masson Street, Turner, ACT, (“the hall”), by the Club for its own activities.  It includes the use of the areas selected in the Appendix, but does not include access to other Clubs’ storage areas.

The Group intends that:

Times and Dates of Access

  1.   The Club will have use of the hall on the days and hours laid out in the Appendix.
  2.   By negotiation and where the hall is not otherwise in use, the Club may hire the hall at other times.
  3.   During the hours of the Club’s use of the hall, the Club is to provide access to the Group’s storage and outdoor areas to retrieve, check or prepare equipment, if necessary.
  4.   The Group reserves the right to cancel a Club’s booking at any time, as priority must be given to the Scout Association’s own use of its hall. The Group will attempt to give the Club at least 21 days’ notice of planned events (including, but not limited to, meetings, maintenance or repairs and Scout Group activities) that may clash with the Club’s booked sessions.
  5.   Out-of-hours access:  The Group will allow the Club reasonable access to the hall outside of its booked sessions, in order to retrieve its goods or equipment for use at its events.  The Club will give the Group at least 1 day of notice of dates and times when such access is requested.

Door Access Code

  1.   The Group will provide two (2) of the Club’s designated members with the door access code, to allow access to the areas covered by this agreement.  The Club will nominate these members, and their details will be listed in the Appendix.  If, at any time, the Club wishes to change its designated members, it will let the Group know.  If the Club becomes aware of a situation where a designated member is deemed unsuitable, a risk to property or people, or retires from the Club, the Club will let the Group know, so that door access codes can be changed and the others notified.

Equipment and Storage at the Hall

  1.   The Club may use all of the chairs and trestle tables, the refrigerator, stove, oven, crockery and kitchen utensils at the hall.  The items are to remain at the hall. The Group will endeavour to keep these in working order, but does not guarantee to do so.
  2.   The Group may provide a storage area to the Club, on an annual basis, in exchange for labour at a working bee at the hall.
  3.   The Club may store other items at the hall temporarily, outside of their storage area, by negotiation.
  4. The Club may operate its own electrical equipment (except for heaters and air conditioning units) at the hall during the Club’s hiring hours, provided that the equipment is tested and tagged annually.

Heating and Cooling

  1.  The hall is heated by solar space heating regulated by a thermostat.  The system relies on the thermal mass of the bricks in the building.  Keeping the doors closed in summer and winter will help to maintain the proper temperature in the building.  There is also an electric heating / cooling system installed at the hall which can be used.

Cleaning and Maintenance

  1. The Group will maintain the hall in a fit condition for use by the Club, including the provision of water and sewerage services, electricity, gas, and rubbish collection.
  2. The Group will provide cleaning materials, broom, dustpan and brush [in the kitchen], a vacuum cleaner [in the cleaner’s closet in the women’s washroom], mop and bucket [in the men’s washroom shower stall] for cleaning the hall, if necessary.


  1. Rent is payable in advance, each month, as per the hiring dates agreed in the Appendix.  This document will serve as an invoice (you may print this page for your files). No invoices or receipts are issued.  Your hall hire agreement is your invoice, and your bank deposit slip/notification is your proof of payment.
  2. Rent is payable directly into the Group’s account.  The details are:

Account Name:  Scouts Australia –ACT – German Australian Pfadfinder Scout Group (just type in as much as you can of “Scouts Aust ACT Pfadfinder”)

BSB:  633000   (Bendigo Bank)

Account:  190674119

Reference:  “RENT xxxx mmm” (where xxx is your group name, and mmm is the month you are paying for.) For example “RENT YogaCats Feb”

  1.  Rent is payable on all bookings appearing on the online hall hire calendar for this Club, whether or not the Club uses the hall for those times (unless the hall was not available due to the Group using it or maintenance being performed, in which case, rent may be reduced accordingly). Changes to the online booking calendar may be made with at least two (2) weeks’ notice, after which they become binding and are due and payable.

The Club undertakes that:

Rent payments

  1. The Club will pay the amounts due to the Group as per the standard schedule outlined in the Appendix, with reference to the online booking calendar.  Rent payment due dates are outlined in the Appendix.
  2. The Club will pay the Group as per the additional use fee schedule outlined in the Appendix, for any additional use of the hall as agreed from time to time.

Hall Security and Safety

At the conclusion of each session of use of the hall, the Club will:

  1.   ensure that all windows, doors, gates and sheds are locked;
  2.   ensure that all heaters, lights and appliances are switched off other than the external security lights, the solar space heating and the refrigerators.
  3. The Club may make use of the First Aid Kit, and will report any items used [using the Hall Hirer Communication Book in the kitchen], and agree to pay the costs of their replacement if asked.  Plasters can be used free of charge and without reporting.
  4. The Club will keep the fire exits and doors clear at all times.
  5. The Club will familiarise its members with the location of the fire extinguishers, fire blanket and emergency exits.

Hall Cleaning

The Club will clean the hall after each session, if necessary, including:

  •   Sweeping the floors
  •   Cleaning the toilets and mopping the toilet floors
  •   Wiping up any spills
  •   Washing any dishes used
  •   Wiping down kitchen surfaces
  •    Storing any tables and chairs used
  •   Returning any moved furniture to its correct place
  •   Emptying any rubbish bins if they are either full or contain food or drink (so as to discourage ants and rodents).
  • The Club agrees to pay $44 for cleaning fees, if the hall is found in an unsuitable condition after the Club’s session.  The Club will be notified of this, so that the Club will have the opportunity to discuss the causes and fix them, so that cleaning can continue to be done to standard after each session.
  • The Club may wish to arrange in advance to pay for the hall to be cleaned regularly after their sessions.  This costs $44 per clean, and must be arranged with a month’s notice, to give the Group time to organise a regular cleaner.

Hall Maintenance and Care

24. The Club will try its best to ensure that no damage occurs to any of the contents, furnishings and equipment of the Group, or any other Club hiring the Hall.

25. The Club will report any damage to the Group, and make good any damage to the Group’s or other Club’s property or equipment caused by the Club’s members or activities, except in the course of fair wear and tear.

  1. The Club will not make any alterations or additions to the Group’s premises without prior approval.

Nominated Hall Access Persons

27.  The Club will not seek to copy the security keys provided by the Group, nor allow the security access code to be known by anyone other than those listed below.  The Club will report any breaches of this clause, to allow the Group to assess the security risk and take action where necessary.

28. The Club will nominate the persons outlined in the Appendix to know the security access code.

Areas of Access

29.  The Club will not use the Group’s telephone, office equipment or any other property not specifically covered in this Agreement.

30.  The Club will not access the store rooms, closets or office, nor any lockable drawer or cupboard in the hall (other than the Club’s own storage area).

What Clubs May and May Not Do at the Hall

31.  The Club’s activities will not impinge adversely on the hall’s neighbours or be inconsistent with the overall purpose of the lease held by the Group.  The Club’s activities will not be out of line with the aims and philosophies of the Scouting association.

32.  The Club shall not sell alcohol, unless they have a liquor license and a policy about underage drinkers and handling drunken behaviour.

  1.   the policy of “No Glass Containers” is adhered to, as the hall is a licensed children’s services venue used by young children and babies to whom glass shards present a significant danger.
  2. If the Club’s members must smoke, they shall do this outside and ten or more meters from the hall.  Clubs are responsible to provide, empty and maintain their own safe cigarette butt bin.
  3. The Club’s activities are in alignment with the aims of the Scout Association.  The nature of the Club’s activities is outlined in the Appendix.

Insurance and Indemnification

36.  The Club will provide a copy of its current policy of public liability insurance to include coverage of negligent damage or destruction of the premises by members of the Club.  It is the responsibility of the Club to provide a copy of the new policy whenever an old policy expires.

  1. The Club indemnifies the Group and the ACT Branch of the Scout Association Inc against all claims arising out of incidents or accidents happening during the use of the Group’s premises, whether or not the incident or accident results from negligence or other omission by the Group.


Correspondence, Termination or Variation of the Agreement

38.  The address for correspondence to the Group is:

German Australian Pfadfinder Scout Group
PO Box 835, Belconnen, ACT 2616
Tel:  6251 7743
Email:  turner.scout.hall.hire@spielwelt.org.au
Attn:  Pfadfinder Scout Group Hall Hire Coordinator

39.  The address for correspondence to the Club is listed in the Appendix.

40.  This Agreement will expire on the end date listed in the Appendix, but by mutual agreement may be extended, possibly with changes to the terms.  Discussions between the Group and the Club on any possible extension should commence at least one month prior to the expiry of the Agreement.  Variations to the terms of the Agreement may be made from time to time as agreed between the Group and the Club and on the initiative of either side, after written notice of at least one month has been sent to the other party.

  1. The Group reserves the right to cancel a Club’s booking or terminate this agreement at any time, for any reason, effective immediately, if it sees fit to do so.

42.  Under normal circumstances, either the Group or the Club may serve notice of an intention to terminate the Agreement and will provide the other party with at least one month’s notice of this intention.

At the termination of the Agreement:

43.  The Group will release all property belonging to the Club.

44.  The Club will pay for any outstanding use of the hall up to the date of termination.

45.  The Club will return to the Group any keys provided.

46.  The Club will remove its property from the hall, leaving the hall in a clean and tidy condition.

47.  Club property not removed within 30 days of termination will become the property of the Group.

Housekeeping Notes:

The west door will lock behind you when you close it.  There is a door bell for your members.

In the winter, keeping the doors (even internal doors) closed will make a big difference to the temperature inside the hall.

Familiarise yourself and your members with the whereabouts of the fire extinguishers and fire blanket and so on; as well as the light switches, etc.

Entry into the hall at times other than your agreed hours is not allowed (and likewise, other clubs are not allowed in while you are in the hall… with the exception of our scout leaders, who look after the hall).   If there is ever a clash (ie another group arrives and thinks they have a booking), then the online calendar is the decider unless by mutual agreement (in which case, let us know and you can adjust your rent accordingly).

The phone number of the Scout Group Leader is 6251 7743.  That number is on the poster in the window to the left of the door, if you ever get locked out or notice vandalism and want to report it to us.

There is a picture poster on the bulletin board in the entry way, showing how to leave the furniture set up when you leave.

Agree?  Ready to fill in the Appendix for your Club/Organisation?

If you agree to these terms and conditions, your dates and times have been approved by the hall hire coordinator, and you have supplied your public liability insurance, you may now proceed to fill in the Appendix.

We hope that all helps!  Let us know if you have questions.