Primary and Secondary School German Home Learning

Here is a fabulous list of German education resources you can use at home with your primary and secondary school children and teens. Many thanks to the ACT German Teachers Network.

There are lots of things you can be doing at home to keep up your German outside of school. Here is a guide of some of them – but there’s nothing stopping you from doing other things if you find them!

YouTube German lessons:

The Angry Family: Key phrases and pronunciation practice through silly cartoons (Y7 + Y8).

Easy German: German YouTube channel with both topic- and grammar-based videos, for a range of levels. Subtitles of both German and English allow for easy understanding.

You are free to pick and choose any videos you want, but here are some we recommend:

German for beginners (Y7, Y8)

German for advanced beginners (high ability Y8, Y9, Y10)

German for intermediate learners (high ability Y10, Y11)

Learn German with Anja: German YouTuber who posts about vocab, grammar, and life in German speaking countries. Suitable for all years. She has lots of playlists focused around certain themes, or you can pick out certain individual videos.

Pronunciation playlist:

Cases Playlist:

Lingoni German: Huge number of videos here, for all abilities.

They also have playlists for every level:

Playlist for beginners (Y7, Y8):

Playlist for advanced beginners (high ability Y8, Y9, Y10)

Playlist for intermediate learners (high ability Y10, Y11)

Learn German with Herr Antrim: So many videos and playlists that you will never get bored!

German TV/films on YouTube

Peppa Pig

Return to your childhood and watch Peppa Pig (Peppa Wutz) in German!

‘Live’ stream:

Peppa Wutz Deutsch YouTube page

Meine Freundin Conni

Classic German kids’ TV show:

Nickolodeon Deutschland

Spongebob Squarepants, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Fairly Odd Parents:

Die Sendung mit dem Elefant

Die Sendung mit der Maus

German Films/TV online

Find out how to access the ‘German’ section of Netflix and use subtitles.

For Amazon Prime, the button for subtitles is on the top right of the screen.

Here’s a handy list of TV shows and their rating guidance below:

NetflixSkylines15+TVCrime drama series about hip-hop producer
Holiday Secrets12+TVFamily secrets come out at Christmas
We Are The Wave15+TVTeens revolt against nationalism
Criminal: Germany15+TVSet within the interview room of a police station
Charité12TVMedical/historical drama
Charité at War15+TVSet in hospital during WW2
Dark15+TVMystery drama – German ‘Stranger Things’
Nailed It! GermanyPGTVAmateur baking show
Look Who’s Back15+FilmSatire about Hitler
The Awakening of Motti Wolkenbruch15+FilmComedy about an Orthodox Jewish man falling in love with a non-Jewish woman
Rock My HeartPGFilmAnimal film
My FührerPGFilmComedy about Hitler preparing for a speech
We are young. We are strong.15+FilmBased on the Xenophobic riots in North Germany in the 1990s
Trick or TreatersPGFilmAnimation
Amazon PrimeWelcome to Germany12FilmA German family takes in a refugee
Balloon12FilmGermans attempt to flee the East by using a hot air balloon.
Behind the Wall12DocumentaryDocumentary about East/West Berlin and the fall of the wall.
All4/Walter PresentsDeutschland 83 Deutschland 8615+TVDrama about young East German sent as a spy to the West.

Goethe Insitut, an organisation which promotes German language learning all around the world also has 100s of films to view online, for free. You might need to register but after that, you are free to watch as many as you like. There are some really advanced films here. To make sure you get ‘easy’ children’s films, you must make sure you click on ‘FILTER’ > ‘Kategorie: Jugendbibliothek’ or ‘Kategorie: Kinderbibliothek’ > then scroll to ‘APPLY/ANWENDEN’. Then children’s films will be available.

You can also check out the Goethe Institut Film of the Month.

Mumbro und Zinell

Show in the style of The Muppets. The text for what you are hearing is at the top of the page in German and in English (scripts), with time stamps to tell you when each scene occurs.

Hospital – parts of the body

Weather and clothes

Furniture and music

Food and shopping


Directions and sport

Family, character, age

Videos for beginners with transcripts/translations:

Felix und Franzi I

Felix und Franzi II

Karla und Kai I

Karla und Kai II


Audible: Audible have made a range of children’s books (many have been made free during the 2020 school covid closures). Go to ‘Auf Deutsch Hoeren’. You will not be able to understand every single word – it’s about having a go and getting a feel for the language and pronunciation.

There’s even Harry Potter in German…!

Goethe Institut: You may need to register (for free). There are some really advanced audiobooks here. To make sure you get ‘easy’ children’s books, you must make sure you click on ‘FILTER’ > ‘Kategorie: Jugendbibliothek’ or ‘Kategorie: Kinderbibliothek’ > then scroll to ‘APPLY/ANWENDEN’. Then children’s audiobooks will be available.

My German Short Stories: YouTube channel with 5-10 min long short stories. Key words feature on the video.


Goethe Institut – Video of the Month

Goethe Institut – German Pop playlist (Spotify required)

Popcast – New Sounds from Germany

Goethe Institut – all playlists


The Sound of Germany: Podcasts about the Music of Germany. Previous episodes can be found below the current one. Transcripts are also available. Link to a quiz to test your knowledge is also on the page

Get a Kick out of German: Podcast about football

Radio D (one) and Radio D (two): Episodes on a range of subjects. Transcript available.

Coffee Break German

Slow German

News in Slow German: Key vocab and transcripts available.


Goethe Institut Library You may have to register for free, first.

Books: There are some really advanced books here. To make sure you get ‘easy’ children’s books, you must make sure you click on ‘FILTER’ > ‘Kategorie: Jugendbibliothek’ or ‘Kategorie: Kinderbibliothek’ > then scroll to ‘APPLY/ANWENDEN’. Then children’s books will be available.

Goethe Institut library also has Newspapers and Magazines (especially recommended are Deutsch Perfekt and Deutsch Perfekt Plus).

The German Project: Classic stories with audio for you to read along with.

Sites to practise your German

Rosetta Stone: This website is normally expensive, but they’re offering it to students for free! You could even learn another language whilst you’re bored at home. You can just use your own email, don’t worry about using your parents’.

Lingolia: Extensive German vocabulary and grammar practice. Choose from the list on the left-hand side of the page, read through, and then use the test function.

The German Project: Loads of lessons here, from basics to advanced grammar.

Die Stadt der Wörter: Vocabulary game.

Nicos Weg 1: Very good online German resource.

Nico’s Weg II: slightly more advanced.

BBC Bitesize: GCSE (Y9-Y11)

BBC Bitesize: KS3 (Y7-Y9)

Meet The Germans: Learn about German culture and language through ‘typisch Deutsch’.


Virtual Museum and Gallery Tours in Germany:

German Museums online

Museums all over the world are offering virtual tours. Here are some from Germany:

Bach Archive, Leipzig

DDR (East Germany) Museum, Berlin

German History Museum, Berlin

Science and Technology Museum, Munich

National Philharmonic Orchestra House, Hamburg

Jewish Museum, Berlin

East Side Gallery (Remaining Berlin Wall), Berlin

Frogs and Friends Museum, Berlin

Apps – German dictionary – German dictionary

Quizlet – log in with your school account

DW Learn German A1, A2, B1 + placement test – language app (features Nicos Weg [see above])

Deutschtrainer A1 – Vocab learning for beginners (Y7-Y8)

Learn German: Die Stadt der Wörter – App version of the online game (above)

Mein Weg nach Deutschland – Game in which you play as a newcomer to Germany (Y7-Y8)

A Mysterious Mission HD – Mystery Game in German (High Y9-Y10-Y11)