The German Australian Playschool, playgroups and Pfadfinder would like to thank the following people and organisations who have generously supported us:

Governments and Embassies

  • The ACT Government’s Community Support and Infrastructure grant in Dec 2008 ($35,000) and 2009 ($12,000) and 2017 ($5,600)
  • The ACT Government’s Multicultural Grants Program – for grants almost annually since 2006 (ranging between $800 and $3000)
  • The ACT Government’s Community Language Grants program – various grants since 2009
  • The German Embassy – for establishment costs for Pfadfinder Scouts, and gifts for GAP

Businesses and Organisations

  • Steve Dodt of Canberra Online – for website services and hosting.
  • Bunnings Belconnen – for fundraising opportunities and donations of equipment.
  • Chris at Badgelink for great service and super name badges for our staff and leaders.
  • EcoHeat – for the supply and installation of an environmentally friendly solar space heater / cooler.
  • Rivoland Tiles – for the supply of discounted floor tiles.
  • Clark Rubber – for huge discounts on the plastic cones for our traditional First Day of School gifts.
  • Super Toyworld and Hobbies store in Fyshwick, Canberra, for their kind donation of German language toys for our Nikolaus presents at Spiel und Spass in 2009.
  • Glenn from Mind Games in Canberra for a raffle prize donation.
  • ACTEWAGL for a $10,000 Green Grant in October 2011.
  • LAROS Technologies – for the supply of triple-glazing safety standard windows, at cost, for the scout hall using funding from the ACTEW AGL Green Grant.


  • The Hofer Family – for their very generous donations of German books from overseas.
  • The Hoefer-Dunne Family – for their many generous donations of German books and toys.
  • The Rankin Family – for a donation of many high quality German children’s books.
  • The Klaiber Family – for donations of German children’s toys.
  • Three families who each wish to remain anonymous, who donated money towards a little girl’s GAP fees and made it possible for her to attend in 2009.
  • The Pfadfinder Leaders who volunteer their time every week and some weekends to run amazing activities for the Scouts.
  • The families who take an active role in organising Spiel und Spass and making it a warm and friendly meeting for young children.
  • And to all the GAP parents who generously donate of their time and expertise, to make the GAP the wonderful place it is.
  • Thanks to the Corazza family who donated and delivered fresh sand for our sandbox and playground mulch for us to play in. The children got busy making a thank you poster.
  • Thanks as well to the generous donation of green grass and its installation, by the Mazouz family in March 2013.