How to Donate

Yes, please!  We would love to have your unwanted German books and toys.

We will happily accept donations in good condition.   There are some items we would rather not have, however. The guidelines are below.

Library items – what not to bring

* children’s books with politically incorrect messages or pictures that would distress today’s children – including Max & Moritz, and Strubbel Peter (sorry… as popular as they were, they are now deemed politically incorrect and frightening, and will end up in the recycling bin)
* books with the “altdeutsche Schrift” – that fabulous old-fashioned script has proved too difficult for children (and Australians) to read these days
* books that are not in German (those can go to LifeLine Canberra BookFair)
* coffee table books with lovely photos of Germany (we have enough)
* recipe books
* how-to craft books (we have plenty)
* teach-yourself-German books
* German-English dictionaries (we have plenty)
* video cassettes, VHS, PAL videos
* cassette audio tapes

Toys – what not to bring

* cheap plastic toys – we need sturdy items as many children use the toys
* toys with commercial themes (like Buzz Light Year or Disney Princesses)
* toys that require batteries UNLESS those toys speak German
* toy weapons

What we love

* German books, for children of all ages, and adults
* German board games for children or families
* German DVDs or CDs in good condition
* Wooden toys
* Sturdy toys of all types
* Small sturdy children’s furniture (tables, chairs)
* Cool German, Austrian or Swiss artefacts like cow bells, cuckoo clocks, music boxes and paraphernalia that we can show the children
* German tea towels or table cloths
* German to Australian power adaptors (to give to newly arrived families)

How to get your toys and books to us

You can either drop them off to us (preferred) or email us and let us know where you live and we will find someone who lives near you who can accept or collect your donation from you.
Drop off options (at the Turner Scout Hall on Masson Street) during school terms are:
8:30am to 2:30pm on Monday or Tuesday
9:30am to 11:30pm on Wednesdays
6:00pm-7:30pm on most Mondays or Tuesdays (email us to check if the scouts will be at the hall on your intended drop off evening)
It is hard to get German books and toys here  in Canberra – the postage costs are so high.  So thank you so much for thinking of us!  Our families will be very grateful, and your items will have found a good home.