Architect visit

During our occupations theme, we were lucky to have Serge (one of our dads) visit the Monday/Tuesday GAP class to tell us about his work as an architect.  First we had the chance to check out pictures of some of the buildings he had designed, and other neat European buildings.

We each were allowed to have a copy of an airport fire station he had designed, so that we could make any additions we liked and choose the colour scheme for it.  We were given an expansive range of colour swatches to choose from, and we each chose our favourite colours.

There were a large number of pink fire stations designed by some of the girls, which reminds me:   Our teachers are starting professional development about gender equality in early education settings, so watch this space!

Serge invited the children to design a dream house for us all to live in and he drew up the floor plans according to the children’s instructions.  What a good thing there was so much room in our house for dancing.

Then out came all our crayons and felt pens to go with the looooooong roll of architect’s paper Serge had brought in for our budding architects to design their own buildings.   Serge helped the children to develop and discuss their ideas, which we all thoroughly enjoyed.

In the afternoon, the children decided that it would be fun to add some colour swatches to our cupboard doors, and I’m sure you agree the result is rather aesthetically pleasing to the modern artist’s eye.

We love having parents visit the GAP, so please get in touch if you would like to come and tell us about your hobby, passion, pet or work.

Danke, Serge! It was great to have you visit.