Enrolment Policy

Our enrolment allocation process requires us to balance a number of key factors.

As a bilingual playschool, language outcomes are of fundamental importance. Children speaking fluent German are given priority because their presence ensures the immersion experience, and increases the effectiveness of our bilingual program, for everyone.

We value families and understands the importance of siblings being co-located where possible and having the same opportunities as each other. Siblings of current and previously enrolled children are therefore given preference.

We are a not-for-profit organisation. We need to ensure that we have sufficient income to pay for our facilities and wonderful staff. This means that we need to try to ensure that we operate as close to capacity as possible throughout the year.

There are other factors to consider too: children’s language levels, their individual needs, family logistics, children’s friendship groups and the class dynamics.

At the beginning of each school year, we allocate term 1 places (placing children in the class right for their language comprehension level as much as possible), using the following priority system. Enrolments for children beginning later in the year are not taken into account when placing children into classes for term 1.

Priority 1:  Currently enrolled children are guaranteed a place until they leave.

Priority 2:  German speaking children.

Priority 3:  Siblings of currently enrolled children.

Priority 4:  Siblings of previously enrolled children.

Priority 5:  Children with the possibility for language support at home.

Where children rank equally on the priority list, they are ranked against the next priority down, and then on the basis of the date they applied. For example, if two German speaking children (priority 2) are on the list, but one was a sibling of a current enrollee (priority 3), then s/he would receive higher priority for enrolment. If both were fluent and had siblings currently enrolled, then the date they applied for the waiting list would be considered.

The committee may exercise its discretion in allocating places, and in particular reserves the right to adjust the above priority rules to take account other factors. These factors might include (but are not limited to) giving preference to children who are likely to be enrolled at the GAP longer (ie not just for one term); giving preference to a staff member’s child; or giving preference to children who will be attending 4 days a week.

If not all places are filled at the beginning of the school year, places will be offered throughout the year.

Offers of place for each new year (starting in February) usually go out in October or November the previous year.

Families are most welcome to email us and ask about their status on the waiting list, and ask us to give an estimate of the likelihood they will get a place.

To comment on the enrolment policy itself, email committee.enrolment.adviser@spielwelt.org.au

To find out about where you stand on our enrolment list, email gap.director@spielwelt.org.au