Host your own Lantern Walk

If you can’t attend the real deal, or even if you like practising at home, here are some ideas for how you can

Host Your Own Lantern Walk at Home!

1.  Prepare the Food
Firstly, bake yourself some delicious Sankt Martin’s Bretzeln.  Here’s a selection of recipes for Sankt Martins Bretzeln.

If you are really keen, you could bake a Weckmann instead!  Weckmann recipes here.

2. Prepare the Drinks
Traditionally, Gluehwein (literally “glowing wine” or mulled wine, not glue wine as someone once asked!) is served.  Here is a recipe for Gluehwein. Of course, Gluehwein is for adults only, as it has alcohol in it.

For the children and sensible alcohol-free adults, you can make a delicious Kinderpunsch from warmed juices, cinnamon and red herbal tea. (There are other recipes about too, if you don’t like that one.)

3.  Create your Lanterns
You get to have great fun making your own lantern(s) at home. There are lots of ideas on the web if you type in “laterne basteln” (crafting lanterns). Here are some examples:

4.  Your Parade
You can turn off all the lights in the house, and parade around the house with your lanterns lit, singing the Lantern Walk songs.

For the bold and cheerful, you can rug up and head outdoors at night with your lanterns, and walk around the houses in your neighbourhood (with an adult, of course), singing the Lantern Walk songs.

When you return from your “parade”, warm up again with some of the delicious food and drink you made.

There are many traditional Lantern Walk songs to be sung!

Lantern Walk Songs

Of course, the real event with us in the park is the best effect; but we hope you enjoy a wonderful evening creating your own magic at home!