Lanterns, sticks, candles

Do we need to make our own lanterns?
Your child will be making lanterns at playgroup, GAP and Scouts, in the week(s) prior to the walk.

What if my child missed the lantern making?

You get to have great fun making your own lantern(s) at home. Read about the lantern sticks below, for crucial design tips. There are lots of ideas on the web if you type in “laterne basteln” (crafting lanterns). Here are some examples:

Do we need a lantern stick?
Being a member of Spielwelt is so nice. We have lovingly made Spielwelt Lantern Sticks for everyone.

Your child will be issued a Spielwelt Lantern Stick with a number on it. You are expected to return the stick after the walk.

Tips for Home Lantern Makers: If you are making your own lantern at home, but plan to borrow one of our lantern sticks, you’ll need some sort of hook or string at the top (to attach to the lantern stick’s clip) and a place at the bottom of your lantern inside, to place an LED candle.

Do we need batteries?
Not any more!  You’ll be issued with an LED candle with a battery in it already.

What about our other children in the family?

Because we are so nice, and family-oriented, we have made enough lantern sticks for all Spielwelt children to take one for their walking siblings, too! They will need to make their own lantern to hang on it, though.

We didn’t get a lantern stick yet
There will be lantern sticks to sign out on the night. See the good folk at the lantern station tables to sign out a stick.

We have visitors coming too – can they have a lantern stick?
Probably, but not guaranteed. We want to be sure our members are taken care of first. Please check at the lantern station tables on the night, to ask if there are any spare sticks available for loan that night. Only Spielwelt members can sign out sticks, and you are responsible for any sticks you sign out. They are a fair bit of work to make, and we want them back for next year.

My child has used up the batteries practising singing and walking in the dark at home.  What now?
Fabulous! We like to hear about practice runs and enjoyment at home too! You can provide new LED candles (available at the dollar stores). Or, again, because we are so nice…. New LED lights will be available for sale on the night. They a gold coin donation each.

Hoppla!  There is a fault with my LED candle or lantern stick
Sorry! These things happen. Please bring it back to the Scout Hall, or bring it to us at the lantern station table on the night, to exchange it, and sign out a new one.

Can we keep our lantern stick?
Sorry – they are hand-crafted, and we would like other families to have the opportunity to use them in years to come. We can help you make your own, if you wish, though.

When I was a child, we used proper candles. Can we?
We would rather that you didn’t.  Even if you think your child would be safe with a candle, there will be lots of other children at the event.  We like tradition, but we love safety.  Perhaps you can try the proper candle version at home, though.
Happy singing, and parading, and lanterning!