Bus Wash

Here is everything you need to know about our excursion to the ACTION Bus Wash.

Where and what

An ACTION bus picks us up right outside the GAP in the morning.  We get a lesson in bus safety, and then the bus takes us to the Belconnen bus depot.  At the depot, we are shown the bus hospital (mechanics’ workshop) and ride through the bus wash.  As we travel back to GAP on the bus, we sing our bus songs and look for various “spotto” items.


Date as per our email to families.

Timings  and Transport

Please bring your child to GAP in the morning as usual (between 9:15am and 9:30am).  If you are running late, please ring the GAP mobile on 0481 590 656.

Children will have morning circle, have a drink of water, go to the toilet and get dressed ready to depart. The bus will depart the GAP at 10am.  We will return around 11am and eat a late morning tea.

The children stay on the bus for the whole excursion.  As usual with public buses, there are no seatbelts and children are required to remain seated while the bus is moving.

Pick up is at 3:30 at the GAP, as usual.  


Your term fee covers any excursion fee.

What to Bring

Bring your child’s morning tea, lunch, water bottle and backpack as usual.

Accompanying staff and volunteers

There will be three or more GAP teachers/director supervising this excursion.

Parent volunteers are needed.  Siblings are allowed on this excursion with their parent.

We will maintain a 4:1 ratio of children:adults for this excursion.  (A class of 22 children requires 6 adults.)


Please sign the Excursion Authorisation Signature Sheet when you drop off your child on the day of the excursion.

Contingency Plans

If we are running late returning to GAP, we will ring the Playschool management to let them know.  In the highly unlikely event the bus has a break-down which would cause us to arrive at GAP after pick up time, the Playschool will notify parents directly.

We are looking forward to an exciting excursion!