Fathers Day Card: Alles Gute Zum Vatertag

We are looking forward to Fathers Day on Sunday 5 September.

Here is Gerda’s video showing how to make a lovely Fathers Day sun card. Hopefully you can play it straight from the link, but for best results, download it and then view it.

You can download the pattern – either in colour or black and white* – to print and cut out, or just look at it and draw your own. You’ll need scissors, glue and something to write with.

Older children might like to make a cloud version of the card, writing the words in themselves.

You can choose from lots of adjectives to describe your Papa, or make up your own.

Going down the left column, starting from nett, we have: nice, sweet, strong, cool, clever, the best, courageous, brave, intelligent, big.
Down the right column we have: fun, funny, adventurous, nice, intelligent, sporty, gentle, ___, ___, ___.

*Your German lesson bonus: Note the file name of the black-and-white picture ends with “SW”. What do you suppose that means? Schwarz-weiss, natuerlich!

Happy Fathers’ Day, everyone!