GAP and Preschool?

Although we cater for preschool aged children, we don’t cover the ACT preschool curriculum.  We do offer a great education in a bilingual setting:  Our program is play-based early education for 3-5 year olds, with a focus on the German language.

Here is what some parents choose to do about preschool.

Option 1: Do GAP and Preschool

GAP days are scheduled on Mon/Tues and Thurs/Fri so that you can have the best of both worlds and attend GAP and enrol at a Preschool elsewhere. You just need to find out which preschool near you is offering the non-GAP days; or enrol for GAP on your non-preschool days.

Option 2: Decline Preschool and enjoy the benefits of GAP

Preschool is not mandatory for families in the ACT*.   Some families opt to enrol at the GAP instead of doing preschool, and find the language and the early education program are more than sufficient for the child’s needs.

If a child’s German comprehension is sufficient, some families opt take up all four days at GAP. This means the child can settle into one place instead of two. It also of course means that the child gets a lot more German exposure.

*School is mandatory in the ACT as soon as your child turns six. Alternatively, if you still wish for your child not to attend school once they are six years old, you can opt to educate at home, which is unheard of in Germany, but reasonably popular in Australia, and you can register with the ACT Education Directorate to do so. There are two excellent support networks (HENCAST and CHEC) who can help you with your home education journey, if you wish.