Haig Park Nature Playground

We absolutely adore the new nature playground that has been installed in Haig Park as part of the Haig Park Experiments. We really hope it is allowed to stay.

There are cool coniferous tree teepees to play in
There a lots of logs to climb on, over and around, and some really huge stumps to challenge us.
Up until some twits vandalised it on the weekend, there was this really cool hay bale maze as well. We all really enjoyed that.
There are two different bridges across the creek, which are really fun.

Please urge the ACT government to let this amazing nature playground stay here in Haig Park. It’s awesome. And ask them to build more of these all over Canberra! Jump onto the Have Your Say website, and look for Haig Park Experiments, or click here and add your feedback to Map 2. Or email CityRenewals@act.gov.au