Kochlöffelmännchen – Spoon People

Kochlöffelmännchen (spoon people) are easy to make. A wooden spoon and some craft items you might find around the house are all that’s needed.

Tip: If you want to use your spoon again to cook with, just stick your craft items on with BluTac or similar.

Gerda made her Spoon Lady using BluTac, so she can use her spoon again later…

No need to restrict yourself to people: animals and other fanciful creatures are also fun to make.

Valentin made a Kochlöffel mermaid!

A red dress and matching hat has made this spoon princess even more enchanting.

Be sure to take your Kochlöffelmännchen with you when you take a walk. Your spoon person might find some friends! Or you could start your own Spoonville in a park near you, like this one discovered by one of our GAP families.