Office for Hire During COVID

If you need a quiet private office (that isn’t in your own home) during the COVID school closures, check this out!

The Turner Scout Hall (at 11 Masson Street, in Haig Park, Turner ACT) has two single offices available now for hire until ACT schools open again.  

You can hire one of our offices on a daily basis ($50/day) or a weekly basis ($200/week).  No need to go into a long term contract with a commercial venue. 

There will be a maximum of two people in the building at once, and you will be in your own private office.

You get:
* peace and quiet (brick walls, triple glazed windows, quiet location)
* your own private office, about 3x4m
* a computer with Windows 10 and Office 2019
* internet access (3G via Wi-Fi)
* a desk and chair
* heating and cooling
* access to a shared fully equipped kitchen
* access to your own private toilets
* on-site secure parking
* a pleasant view of the greenery of Haig Park through your windows
* weekly cleaning of the venue

You provide:
* your own laptop (if you wish) and files
* your own phone

Interested?  Email  or