Clothing Swap 2021

From 7 to 19 June* 2021, we are hosting a second hand stall for quality baby or children’s clothing up to size 12. Tables will be set up in the east foyer (the coat hook/red hat room). Parents are encouraged to donate quality children’s clothing their child has outgrown, AND / OR  browse through the many donations and take whatever they like for free. 

If you don’t find anything suitable one day, check back the next day or week, as fresh items will have arrived.

*The last day will be 19 June, which is also the day of the Lantern Walk, so remember to check the tables when you come that evening.

Photo of just a few of the clothes available last ime, after lots of clothes had already changed hands.

Thanks to Emily, our committee’s “Keen to be Green” officer, for organising this.

Anything left on 20 May will be donated to our nominated charity Round About Canberra, or to Salvos or Vinnies. Enjoy!

Mothers Day Tips

Breakfast in Bed

Here’s a super simple and really cute breakfast idea so children can make something pretty much all by themselves for Mama on Mothers’ Day (and if that goes well, then they can make it on all the other days afterwards!)

This is toast with peanut butter, banana and raisins. I guess the luxury version has almond butter, banana and choc chips. I have it on good authority that Germans love peanut butter though, so go nuts! Serve warm!

Adding a little paper heart (or a small flower from the garden) at the side of the plate will elevate your creation from “breakfast” to “present”.

The response you are looking for from Mum is “Oooh, lecker!” (Oooh, yummy!)

I made this toast teddy for you. By the time I finished uploading the photo, I’d eaten it! Hee hee!

And here’s what to say in German

You’d think “ich liebe dich” would be just perfect… but that’s only used between, well, lovers. You wouldn’t say it to a child, nor would a child say it to their parent. So what CAN you say? Here are some suggestions that won’t raise any German eyebrows:

“Ich hab dich lieb, Mama” or “Mama, Ich hab’ Dich so lieb”

“Alles Gute zum Muttertag” or “Alles Liebe zum Muttertag”

“Mama, Du bist die Tollste von allen!’

“Mama, Du bist wunderbar!” or “Danke Mama, Du bist die Beste!”

“Fuer die beste Mama auf der ganzen Welt!”

Here are some other fun sayings or poems you could make use of.

Happy Mothers Day to all our Spielwelt mums, from the teachers, leaders, committee and director.

The Great Australian Picnic

At the GAP, we love to give the children simple old-fashioned experiences: We are helping them build memories of a fun and joyful childhood spent with friends in the sunshine and fresh air.

Last week, we took our wagon, some sausages, salad and drinks, and our big colourful picnic rug, and we headed off into the park. We found a nice grassy spot amongst the green conifers and enjoyed a great Australian tradition: a BBQ picnic.

Batik or Tie-Dying

Pfadfinder scouts of all ages, from 6 to 18, enjoyed creating their own tie-dye clothing and accessories this week.

It was absolutely beautiful being out in Haig Park in the evening summer sun, enjoying making our crafty creations.

Check out some of our colourful creations above!

Many thanks to Nala and Amelia for organising it all for us.

Sand Prints

The children and parents at our popular Spiel und Spass playgroup were very busy last week creating beautiful sand prints to keep forever.

They mixed up some sand clay, patted it flat, then decorated it with foot or hand prints and beautiful shells, glass beads and other treasures.

Here’s how to make Meike’s Marvelous Sand Clay at home.

2 cups of sand
1.5 cups of plain all-purpose flour
1 cup of warm water
1.25 cups of salt

Pat it out flat onto a baking sheet. Decorate. Bake at 120 degrees Celcius for about 2 hours.

Parent Power Over The Years

Ever wonder what the Turner Scout Hall looked like a few years ago? And what magical things happen at working bees each year?

The hall has been transformed over the years by the input and vision of the committee and parents. We’ve had ACT government grant help a few times as well to purchase capital items so we can deploy our amazing teams of parents to put in the work to make these improvements.

When we first arrived at the Turner Scout Hall in 2008, we faced draughty single pane louvre windows, ancient electric heating that didn’t heat the hall properly, the kitchen was falling apart, there was graffiti all over the exterior, there was no playground, no fence, two toilets, two sinks, two and a half tonnes of rubbish to be taken to the tip….

Over the years, we have painted inside and out, installed a fenced fully equipped outdoor playground and shade sail, solar panels, triple glazed windows, a new kitchen, two new toilets, four children’s sinks, refinished the beautiful wooden floors (twice), new tiling, new carpet, revamped the cloakroom completely, added a new storage shed, improved drainage, and more.

It is fun to look back at the old photos and see that quite a number of the children in the photo above joined us at Pfadfinder, and some are still with us a decade later as some of our oldest Venturer scouts!

Here is the same corner of the hall as in the photo at the top.
This above was the cloakroom back in 2009. And even this was a big improvement on what it was like when we first arrived in 2008.
Here is that same cloakroom ten years later., largely thanks to the vision and design work of Horst Punzmann.
Our original tables and chairs were donated by other preschools and playschools. This was the state of our walls, floors, doors, divider curtain and equipment in 2009.
Twelve years later, hours and hours of painting walls and doors, sanding and varnishing floors (thanks Levin and Salim), and other improvements are helping us look a lot better.

To get an idea of how dedicated our parent group is, and what the Scout Hall looked like when we first arrived in 2008, check out these amazing photos of some of the things our volunteers have achieved, transforming our hall into a licensed children’s services venue, from 2008 to 2010.  And it just keeps getting better!

Giant Bubbles

Our Pfadfinder Joey scouts enjoyed making some giant bubbles, using special bubble mixture and bubble wands they made themselves.

Our cubs wanted to join in at the end too, and so they cleverly fashioned makeshift bubble wands out of loops of long grass.

There are two giant bubble mixture recipes below. For both recipes it is important to mix slowly so you don’t make it froth, and we were advised by experts that it is best to make the mixture a day or more ahead of time.

Recipe 1
1 teaspoon guar gum (you can get this from health food stores)
2 teaspoons baking powder
2 tablespoons rubbing alcohol (you can get this from the chemist)
9.5 tablespoons dishwashing detergent (Fairy is the best brand)
3.5 litres of water

Recipe 2
1 teaspoon guar gum (you can get this from health food stores)
2 teaspoons glycerine (you can get this from the chemist)
1 teaspoon baking powder
6 tablespoons dishwashing detergent (Fairy is the best brand)
2 litres of water

Happy bubble making!

Thanks to our wonderful Joey scout leader Rakali for leading this amazing session!

Being Kind to Birds and Possums

Our Pfadfinder Cubs enjoyed another great evening organised by Venturer Scout Amelia. One week, Amelia helped the cubs to make delicious and rainbow coloured unicorn fudge. She is passionate about the environment and caring for animals, so this week she organised a cub session to make Alfresco Apple Bird Cafes.

The recipe is simple and the results are greatly appreciated by the local wildlife – both winged and furry. The cubs studded cut apples with delicious seeds, and suspended the decorated apples in trees. This of course required some tree climbing, and we are pretty good at that at Pfadfinder.

GAP Lantern Walk

The GAP children enjoyed creating their own lanterns this year, out of recycled materials and sticks from the park. We added a tea light candle and some ribbon, and took them out in the park to test them out.

We walked with our lanterns and sang the traditional German lantern walk songs we learned at GAP.

It was a shame we couldn’t have our big walk this year with all of Spielwelt (due to covid), but it was really lovely having our own little lantern walk.

We took our lanterns to the nature playground and had warm Kinderpunsch there to celebrate our Laternenlauf.

We look forward to seeing you all at next year’s Lantern Walk!