Here are a few staples that it would be great for each child to have at their home-school. 

The basics:

  • crayons  (wax crayons; don’t go with oil pastels as you will never get it off your carpet/walls/furniture/work clothes/dog’s fur)
  • pencil crayons (the little tiny packs you get on airplanes are rubbish… invest in 12 or so long ones of a reputable brand like Crayola)
  • a normal pencil
  • a pencil sharpener
  • a pair of children’s scissors
  • paper (lots of white is great, some coloured if you can) (it doesn’t matter if it has Department of Finance stuff or whatever on the back… it can still be used for drawing and colouring)
  • glue and/or glue stick
  • sticky tape

Optional highly desirable items

  • a pack of children’s textas (any size) to colour on paper
  • chalk (for drawing outside)
  • a blank A4 book to draw in
  • an old paint brush (1 to 2 inches wide) to ‘paint’ on the pavement outside, using water in a bucket / empty container
  • a ball of coloured wool (the thicker the wool, the better)
  • a stapler
  • some envelopes (recycled from your bills)
  • a 246-inch screen and unlimited subscriptions to Netflix and Foxtel  (NO! I’m KIDDING!!)
  • bottle of wine and big block of chocolate (for Mummy) (Again, NO! I’m KIDDING!! Put that back!)

In the craft and activity ideas we provide on our website during our COVID closure, we’ll try to give you craft ideas that involve things that can be found at home.

Good luck, everyone!