We love the Arboretum.

We love the Arboretum so much, we have been a couple of times this year. We even helped launch their new network of trails and discovered there is more to the Arboretum than the fabulous acorn playground.

Looking at bark, leaves, insects and wondering about different types of eucalypts

We scrambled over big boulders and up the sides of steep hills, adventured into forests we hadn’t seen before, played atop a hill in a forest, completed an exciting scavenger hunt in a formal garden, and visited the building that looks like the Sydney Opera House.

On another visit, we went again with our favourite education officer, Heather, to help let some helicopter seeds fly in the wind, watch birds feeding their young in a nest, see a big nest, explore the bonsai garden (and imagine we were tiny fairies living in those tiny forest scenes), and hear a lovely story.

Helping Heather launch helicopter seeds in the wind
Testing our skills and confidence inside the acorn playground
The teachers were impressed by seeing how many children were brave enough to go all the way up to the top of the acorn playground by themselves.