Wiradjuri Echoes visit

Aboriginal Australian Duncan and his team from Wiradjuri Echoes visited us at the GAP, and we loved having them!

Duncan spoke to us about Reconcilation Week and the Stolen Generation. We all agreed with him that children shouldn’t have been taken away from their parents. We talked about how we love our parents, and parents love their children.

Duncan then proceeded to delight, entertain and educate us with Aboriginal musical instruments and fascinating tools they used to use.

We got to hear amazing didgeridoo music, see a bush telephone in action (we “rang” Duncan’s mum on it!), dance, sing, learn a few new words in Duncan’s mob’s language, pretend we were various Australian animals, have our faces painted, hear a Dream-Time story and learn a fun snake dance. It was a great morning!

Warrior prince face painting, in preparation for the Snake Dance
Jacinta from Wiradjuri Echoes leads the Snake Dance
The Snake Dance winds itself up, to the great merriment of the children
Berry princess friends ready for dancing and singing
We loved hearing all the Australian animal sounds played on the didgeridoo, and trying to keep up with the rhythm using our clapping sticks!