German in Canberra

There are a number of other German groups (for adults and families) in Canberra.

Clubs and Choirs

Das Zentrum

Das Zentrum Australian-German Institute Inc.  – Library, information centre and meeting place

German Social Clubs in Canberra

The Deutscher Stammtisch meets monthly.

The Deutsche Damen Dinner group meet monthly.

The German Buchklub meet to discuss great books.

Deutsche in Canberra have a group on Facebook.

There is also a Facebook group for German-speaking Families in Canberra and surrounds.

For fluent speakers, there is the Deutscher Stammtisch Canberra who meet monthly.

ANU German Society are also on Facebook.

There is a Canberra German Language Meetup group for those wanting to maintain their German conversational language.

German education

: German at uni, german immersion primary school, german teachers network, languages in ACT schools

On the Radio

Jennings Germans

Canberra owes a lot to the Jennings Germans who were a large group of talented carpenters who came to Australia under a special visa in the 1950s to work for AV Jennings and help build in Canberra.   Many  of these men eventually settled in Australia and along with houses, built families and businesses here.  The Canberra Museum and Art Gallery (CMAG) curated a great exhibition about the Jennings Germans, and you can enjoy some of the photos, artefacts and inspiring stories of the Jennings Germans story online.

New to Canberra?

Check out our page of hints and tips for getting all the good German stuff here in Canberra!

Download a good looking contact list of the German-speaking groups in Canberra. Or click on the links below.

Canberra German Speakers’ Network (CGN)

“durch Deutsch dabei”

In an age of rapid technological advances, the world has become a smaller place. Distances have shrunk, time has gathered pace, and boundaries have shifted or disappeared altogether. More than ever it is important to know about other cultures and to speak foreign languages.

As Australia’s capital, Canberra is a city proud to be international. Its citizens and visitors alike have cultural and economic links to many parts of the world, among them the German-speaking regions of Europe. The German-speaking community of Australia dates back to the early 19th century and has made significant contributions to Australia’s multicultural heritage and economic prosperity.

The Canberra German Speakers’ Network (CGN) is a voluntary cooperative of independent organisations, institutions and initiatives in the Australian Capital Territory that focuses on promoting the language and culture of the German-speaking countries.

The objectives of the CGN are

  • to facilitate the interchange of information for the benefit of members of all associated groups as well as the general public;
  • to encourage support between organisations; and
  • to coordinate any joint ventures.

The activities of the CGN are supported by the Embassies of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The publication of this brochure has been funded by the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany.