Balus Faltspiel

Here is Balu with a Pfadfinder Joey and Cub variation of Lisa3’s Faltspiel activity.

Joeys and Cubs can make their Faltspiel chatterbox more fun and challenging by adding German words to spell out, letters, numbers or even math questions to your choices. (This activity helps you keep up your German too, because if you forget some of your German during lockdown, Balu and Tschil will cry and nobody wants to see that.)

Check our our previous blog to see how to fold your Faltspiel chatterbox.

Now you can check out Balu and Tschil’s example in their silly video.

Tip: In each opening, make sure your answers involve both odd and even numbers.

Not sure what an Einfaltspinsel is? Find out at the link. Baluuuuu!!!!

Feel free to send a video or photo of yourself with your German Faltspiel to . The leaders would love to see it!