Faltspiel – Chatterbox

Our crafty and clever Lisa3 has a fun craft activity for you, to make something you can play with, and keep up with speaking German! Younger children will need help from Mama or Papa or a big brother or sister, but once it is made, you can have hours of fun.

Chatterboxes are good for finger dexterity, colours, numbers, counting, and following brief instructions (like “hop on one leg”) in German.

Follow Lisa3 as she creates a very simple Chatterbox in video 1 then video 2.

Older kids can ramp up their fun with Balu’s version.

Watch video 1 then video 2 for instructions

Ideen für die Aufgaben / Ideas for the activities:

Here are some suggestions for things you can write inside. You can either write your own activities, or copy the text from the picture below, or print this list and cut the icons out and glue them in.

Note: Lisa3 has also provided little icon suggestions in case you want to draw those next to the words so younger children (who can’t quite read yet) can identify the activities.

Use the German version. The English translations are only there for our non-German speaking parents’ reference.

You can download this list and print it if you like. Or older children can copy it by hand for good German practice.
Make it nice and colourful.