Behind Every Great Organisation

Behind every great organisation, there is an even greater committee. And driving our great committee this year is a really great president.

The year 2021 is Tobias’ second year on the Spielwelt committee, and he’s guiding us all well through another year of covid, policy updates, capital improvements, special events like the lantern walk, considering our environmental impact (under keen-to-be-green banner) and wider community social obligations, marketing, keeping an eye on safety issues, internal communications, looking out for our employees, and overseeing a review of our finances.

Tobias is an active and engaged president, thinking up new initiatives, projects, representing Spielwelt in the wider community, and helping to spread the word about Spielwelt and the benefits of bilingualism for children.

If the studies are right about how fathers’ involvement in their child’s education is positively connected with the child’s success in life, then Tobias’ little munchkin is headed for big things.

Many of our members will know Tobias from Spiel und Spass; others with a keen eye may recognise him as the flying Sankt Nikolaus. We look forward to him visiting Pfadfinder too, so he can see if the reports he gets are true, about how the fun there is cranked up to ELEVEN!

We are grateful to volunteers like Tobias, and send a big shout out to the rest of the amazing committee too: our secretary Julia B, finance advisor Salim M, keen-to-be-green officer Emily K, public officer Lisa St, and committee members Christiane N, Minh-Tam N and Janne L. Without their contribution, ideas, guidance, expertise and thoughtfulness, we would not be where we are today.