Crafting at Playgroup

The children at the Spiel und Spass German playgroup have been very busy at the craft tables!

We are lucky to have so many Mums, Dads, Omas, Opas, Aupairs all ready to help with glue, paint and other craft supplies!

Children have a ball at playgroup. So do the adults!

Playgroup is not only wonderful for children; it is also wonderful for parents. And language- and culture-based playgroups are even better! Along with socialisation and fun activities, they also offer an opportunity to share information and connect with others from German-speaking backgrounds.

The feeling of having a “family while you are away from family” that we cultivate at Spielwelt is so important in early child-raising years, and particularly so now that Australia’s borders are closed to travellers.

It is great being able to make new friends, and catch up with them regularly.