What do PhysioTherapists Do?

The Thursday/Friday GAP class were fascinated to learn about what physiotherapists do.

We were lucky enough to have the wonderful physiotherapist Lucy Joske visit us. She specialises in paediatric physiotherapy as well as other types.

We learned that physiotherapists can help us when our bodies don’t work as well as they could. They help children and adults build muscles and feel better.

We took turns guessing how many bones we have in our bodies. After pointing thoughtfully to their arms and legs, while silently counting their bones, the children’s guesses ranged from four to twenty-two! We were surprised to hear that there are 206 bones in our bodies. Not just that, but Lucy knows all their names!

Studying pictures of the human skeleton and muscles.

We got to try lifting some heavy bar-bell weights to help build our muscles.

We examined a few different sorts of bandages and got to see Lucy put an arm sling on one of our teachers whose arm was sore from skiing.

We took turns standing on an inflated wobbly cushion to test our balancing skills and strengthen our ankles.

How long will you wobble before you can stand up stable?

It was lovely having Lucy visit us in the classroom. We enjoyed being able to ask all our questions directly to an expert!

If you would like to come in and let us ask you about your job or passion, please talk to one of our teachers to arrange a time. We’d love to host you.