Calypso Visits GAP

The Monday/Tuesday GAP class have been studying animals, and we were delighted to welcome a couple of our families’ pets.

First up was Calypso, a friendly bearded dragon belonging to one of our GAP families. The children got to pat Calypso (very gently) and hear about what bearded dragons like to eat, how they stay warm, how they spend their days and nights, and other interesting things. We learned you can’t just take a bearded dragon from the wild and make it your pet – you should talk to the Canberra Reptile Zoo.

We were also quite fascinated to see Calypso eat some insects and greenery that had been bought especially as reptile food. Calypso isn’t fed insects from the garden in case they have taken up poisonous insecticides, which we think is not very good for the environment or for bearded dragons in the wild.

We thought it was great when Calypso was allowed to walk around on a leash on our colourful carpet!