Flea the Dog Visits GAP

Even the children who started off feeling a little bit hesitant about dogs soon warmed to our recent little visitor, Flea the Dog.

The class heard about what dogs like to eat. It turns out that apart from kibbles, Flea likes popcorn and cheese, but he’s not allowed to have those things very often.

We heard about how Flea came to Australia in a special box on the airplane, with food and water and a bed for him. Then he had to be in quarantine – not because of coronavirus, but because there are some animal diseases in Germany that we don’t have (or want) in Australia, so dogs arriving in Australia have to quarantine for a while to see if they are healthy or not.

Like other dogs, Flea doesn’t brush his teeth. Unfortunately one of his teeth needs to be fixed, so he will be going to the dentist soon. It will be just like when the children go to the dentist!

We learned to watch Flea’s tail to find out how he is feeling. When his tail is up, he is happy, and when it is down, he is not happy. His tail is up when he is at the beach because he loves the beach. His tail is down when everyone goes out to work and school and he has to stay home by himself for a while, because he doesn’t like that so much. His tail was up today, because he liked meeting all the children and getting pats.